Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...the sky is dark but clear. The stars are twinkling so close that I feel I could reach up and pluck down a few. I would drop them into a mason jar and sit them next to my bed and watch the twinkling all night long. But it is cold. As it often is in the winter when the sky is so clear.

I am thinking...How really short our lives are. I am not usually this deep. I like to keep it light most of the time. But today is the birthday of one of our granddaughters, Piper, and it seems like she was only just born. So time flies by so fast. And yet it seems so short.

I am thankful...for everything that I have. I think of those without a roof over their head tonight. Out in the cold. Without a warm blanket. Or maybe even without a coat. And I think how un-grateful I sometimes seem to be.

In the kitchen...I have done well this week with following my menu plan. Tonight we had chili. I make it just like my mom used to make for us. It is my favorite chili and it is easy. And I love to have crackers and butter with my chili. And a big glass of cold milk.

I am new Vera Wang (yeah, right) knit pajama top. But since I don't like just tops I have on a pair of khaki Capri pants. Ha! Ha! I'll be you wish I'd share a picture. Well, don't hold your breath.

I am creating...Truly I am. I am making a St. Patrick's Day banner to take the place of the lacy red hearts that still adorn the mantle. I need to find some green things to decorate with too. Maybe a trip to the Dollar Store is in the works.

I am bed soon. This is my favorite time of the night. I have the kids in their beds. They have both taken to sleeping with their doors closed. Gads, I think they are growing up. And Richard is tucked in and I hear the humming of the oxygen concentrator in the background.

I am wondering...will I be able to finish this job that I have started. I don't know why I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Will I be able to keep Richard at home until the end? Will I make it parenting these kids until they won't need me anymore? Things to ponder.

I am reading...the Bible. I started it at the beginning of the year. I have read the Bible through a time or two in my life. But this is the first time I am reading it through in chronological order and plan to just take a year. Some parts of the Bible bother me. And make me think a lot. And wonder. I hope that is a good thing.

I am hoping...Hoping is something I do well. Hope is my word for 2014. I hope for salvation. I hope for sanity. I hope for peace. I hope for time. I hope for love. I have hopes for all of you, as well. 

I am looking forward to...Spring. Who isn't?

I am learning...This is where I wish I could say patience. But I am not learning patience. Richard has been coughing a lot lately. And coughing is just my button. You know the one. That one that causes irritation. And I don't like that. The Hospice nurse wonders about congestive heart failure. So we started a diuretic. So far the coughing continues.

Around the house...There is so much that needs done around this house. I can only do things that are in Richard's sight. He gets worried when he can't see me. So if I am in the kitchen I have to keep popping in to see him. And cleaning in the back part of the house is out of the question. So that leaves the living room, the dining room, and the bathroom (while he is in there). I need a good spring cleaning.

I am many things today. I am thinking about getting some quotes to have the outside of the house painted. It's looking a bit shabby.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... Was watching the Olympics. I am glad that we enjoyed it together.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Justin and Paige will be here on Friday and Saturday this week. The kids are going to Winter Jam, a Christian music concert, on Saturday. I might plan a little time away from home to do something with myself. Tomorrow ends the third quarter of school for the kids. Only 7 weeks to go. It has gone by so fast this year.

It has been awhile since I have done a Simple Woman's Daybook. I used to try to fill this out on the first of every month. Maybe I will try to do it monthly once again. Won't you join me? I would love to read your.


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    1. You are more than welcome Wendy. Like I have said before, my blog is a written memory for my family. This form keeps me on track with telling them where I am coming from

  2. I think it is good to read the Bible in chronological order; helps to put things into perspective with time periods. What amazes me about the Bible is how true and accurate it is, of course it would be, being God's word, but also how it doesn't make things "rosey" because we know that this world is nothing but "rosey" but we definitely have the hope of Jesus, and that is a good thing.

    I like how you described the stars and reaching up to capture them in a mason jar.


    1. Thank you betty. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could capture those stars in a mason jar

  3. You know, reading this post sounded like a good conversation over the back fence with a trusted neighbor . . . and of course the family for which you write.
    p.s. Sometimes I try to leave a comment and blogger doesn't let it go through - I just an FYI, I do stop.

    1. It does feel way doesn't it? I wonder why blogger won't let your comments go through sometimes. Are you with Wordpress?

  4. Yep. I', with Wordpress. Sometimes I get to comment and sometimes it doesn't work. I wonder if it's a laptop vs. iPad thing. Dunno. I got in today!

    1. I had someone once before tell t\me they had problems leaving comments from Wordpress. That is why I asked. Do you have a blogger or a google account.

  5. I was reminded 10 days ago how short life really is. Great job following the menu plan. Something that is always a work in progress for me. Love you and big hugs.

    1. We are never promised tomorrow...another great quote I used to hear from my mom!


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