Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Letters

Friday once again. This week seemed so messed up and really flew by. But then I say that every week. 

Here are my letters for this Friday:

Dear Visitor From Liberal, Kansas: It's okay if you want to say hi in the comment section. I see that you come several times a day. Surely if I am that interesting you might just want to say hello. We might even become bloggy friends. Give it a try.

Dear Winter: Okay, I have had enough. STOP! Go Away! We don't want you here anymore. You dumped 12 inches of snow on us. That gave the kids two snow days. I still can't get my car out of the garage. It is freezing out with below zero temperatures. So enough, already.

Dear Harley: 14 years old and full of sass. Or as my mother used to say, "piss and vinegar". You might just have a bit of your grandma and great-grandma in you. And you are just as beautiful too!

Dear Pharmacy: I cannot believe that you would send a man that is almost as old as my husband out in this kind of weather to deliver our medication. Shame on you! I know he probably needs the job to supplement his social security income, but still.

Dear Hospice doctor: Let's remember what the true meaning of Hospice is. We are NOT going to take Richard to the podiatrist. Especially with 12 inches of snow on the ground. Find another way to deal with an infected toe. And bladder spasms...just order a medication to help them go away. We are NOT going to take the catheter out. He has urinary retention. That is why we put it in in the first place. Remember?

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe and warm.


  1. Replies
    1. It helps me get things off my chest! And praise those who deserve it!

  2. I'm with Kwizgiver. I always look forward to your letters on Friday.

    1. It helps me kind of keep track of the week

  3. Oh my. Looks like Hospice is not living up to its goals. And once again the caregiver warrior must come out of the closet and make things right. You go, girl!


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