Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Feel More Hopeful Today

Can you believe how fast this month is flying by? I think every time I get ready to write an entry into my blog, I say that. But, it is true. Time is flying! Here is it already January 21, 2014. Time for List It Tuesday.
For some reason, I can't put my finger on why, yesterday was a good day and I am feeling more hopeful. I have been rather down in the dumps but right this moment I feel like maybe there is hope! You know how much I love using the word: HOPE

Ten Reasons I am Feeling More Hopeful

  1. Richard had a really good day on Monday. He seemed stronger. He ate well. He slept very little. His mood was good. This will always give me a bit of hope.
  2. I took a good, long nap yesterday afternoon. Woke up feeling like I could take on the world.
  3. Got a wonderful text message from my youngest son that brought tears to my eyes while I was grocery shopping. He is the best son a mother could ever ask for.
  4. While shopping at Dollar General, to get Harley some folders for school, I was looking through their 70% off Christmas decorations, and found a silver, ceramic tea-light candle holder that says HOPE! You can click on my Instagram up there in the right-hand corner for a picture of it. I was almost delirious to get it for $1.20. It is my word for 2014.
  5. The kids were out of school Monday for a Professional Day(really, for Martin Luther Kind Day, but for some reason they never call it that) and they were both pretty awesome all day long. Any mother/grandmothers likes that. Right?
  6. I finally made the decision and upgraded all of our cell phones last night! I have been going back and forth and back and forth, questioning, then second-guessing myself for moths on this. When Richard asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said a new cell phone. And the kids both have birthdays coming very soon, so I upgraded all three phones. It will be all right. Gulp! Swallow! Harley has been using her papa's old flip phone and she is a texting maniac so I know she will be over-the-top with an actual slide out keyboard. And this will be Darian's first smartphone. I think Harley is still a bit young for a smartphone.Plus she got an Ipod Touch 5 for Christmas. But he will be 16. Time to either become very familiar with parental controls or learn to trust him. Do your kids have smartphones?
  7. Grocery shopping was nice! The store wasn't crowded. Harley was home with Papa. Darian was at Scouts. I didn't feel rushed. And it just felt good to be out and about.
  8. The weather has been beautiful here. Up into the high 50's yesterday. Good weather always gives me hope.
  9. I am doing really good with 2014 goals for January.
  10. I am right on track for 'reading the Bible in a year'

How about you? Are you feeling hopeful? I am linking up with Many Little Blessings on List It Tuesday. Come on and join us, won't you?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Wendy! It was good to have a good day....

  2. I got distracted by your instagram page when I went to check out the HOPE candle.

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't have that great of a camera on my cell phone so my pics aren't that wonderful. But isn't that hope candle just the greatest!

  3. Take your happiness where ever you find it! Of course, sleep is the key! :-)

  4. I know how hard being a caregiver can be, so I'm so glad to see you're doing well!

    1. One day at a time. That was a good day. Today is NOT!

  5. Yay for staying on track with the Bible in a year. Double yay for having a good day. They certainly do wonders for the soul! I love your new candleholder...even better that it was $1.20! Elexis has a Samsung Galaxy S3. We got it for her birthday last year. Since the S4 came out, the S3 was $50. She used one of our old iPhones prior to that. She is not big on being on the phone except to actually play games. She knows that we have access to it at all times so she is pretty mature about it. She loves instagram and thats pretty much the only social media she uses. Naps are awesome!!! I love naps. Love you.

    1. Harley loves Facebook but I have no intentions of getting her a smartphone yet! She hasn't shown me that she is responsible enough. We'll see how it goes with Darian first


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