Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teenagers and Shopping

I am usually so busy moaning or groaning or whining about something on this blog that I forgot all about telling you what I have done recently that was just plain FUN!

On the Saturday after Christmas, while my youngest son was here for several days, the girls and I took a day and went O.U.T. Now that is not something I do very often. The girls (by this I mean Paige and Harley, my thirteen year old granddaughters, who are three months apart in age)and I took off in the early afternoon for a shopping trip and then went out to dinner. We didn't come home for almost 8 hours. Can you believe that? We started at the mall. Our mall is really a dying place but it has some of those fun shops that this age of girl is crazy about. Like Debs, Claire's, and Bath & Body Works. It was so much fun. Harley tried on clothes in Deb's and got herself a black lace dress (my mom would have forbidden me to ever wear black, let alone a black lace dress) and the cutest pair of brown boots. She plans to wear her lace dress with cowboy boots. Apparently that is super 'in-fashion grandma.' Who knew?

Paige with her new iPhone waiting for Harley to get out of the dressing room.

Then we stopped off at the pretzel place and shared a pretzel with cheese and a big coke while the girls scoped out some teenage boys. And grandma scoped out men who looked like pedophiles and other weirdos who are the reason I will never take them and leave them at the mall alone. 

If you have never visited Claire's with a young girl, then you are missing out on a lot of laughs and giggles. They tried on sunglasses and boas. The giggled about earrings and looked at every Iphone/Ipod case in the entire store. And I don't think either of them bought a single thing in that store.

Harley with cool sunglasses

We then headed next door to Bath & Body Works. I had no idea this was Paige's favorite place to shop. And the girl shopped. So did grandma. They were having a 75% off sale so who can resist. I paid for my purchases and was standing off to the side of the counter waiting for Paige to pay for her purchases. When I looked up she was busy scrolling on her 'new' Iphone. I wanted to smack her right then and there. But wait! She just handed that phone to the cashier. I decided I had better wander over to see what was going on. Lo and behold she had a coupon on her phone for $10.00 off her purchase. What the heck? I am not real hip when it comes to technology. But this kid is. And I now have the Retail Me Not
app on my cell phone. Oh the things these girls taught me.

After the mall we went to Kohl's. Cause this is where they really wanted to go in the first place. And we all shopped. And we all spent money (well gift cards are what we were spending). And Paige got me another $15.00 off my purchase from Retail Me Not....what a girl!

No you may not have either one of those pairs!!

Finally we stopped at Lone Star Steak House. And we went all out. Appetizers, granny with a margarita (I only had one, I promise) and steaks for all three of us. Yummmmmmmmmmy! No room for dessert. But we did make a stop at Target before heading home and spent a bit more there as well.

It was so refreshing! I felt so energized (maybe it was the margarita, after all). The girls showed off their purchases and Grandma felt restored for another week of care-giving.

This past weekend, when Justin came again, Darian and I went out. We didn't spend nearly as long away from home. Because boys know what they want and they just go get it...and that is that! We went to Walmart and Target and purchased a few video games and co2 cartridges for his new pellet gun. (Lord, help me!) And then we went to Olive Garden. We have a new Olive Garden in town. We haven't been able to go since it opened because of Richard being sick. But Darian and I had a very nice, early dinner and I might have had the B.E.S.T. margarita I have ever drank in my life. It was an Italian Amaretto Margarita. And I kid you not...I could have drank 5 of them if only I had a designated driver. They were that good. They serve the margarita in a frosted glass rimmed with amaretto and sugar and a 4 oz glass of amaretto liqueur on the side. You can either sip the liqueur or mix it into the margarita. I did a bit of both. Died and went to heaven good!

that much talked about margarita

Darian enjoying his salad

I have to get out more often. It really did restore my spirit. I really felt re-energized and a bit more able to cope with what is going on here at home. And all the kids thought 'going out with granny' was just the best. Anyhow, I gave them a bit extra spending money to say that....


  1. Special time with the grandkids! I bet they loved it as much as you did!

  2. Yay!!!! I am so happy that you are taking some time away and getting out of the house!! Maybe next time your son comes you and the kids can go to a movie and feast on popcorn. Make sure it is a comedy, if you do go. I am going to have Frank try making me one of those Amaretto Margaritas when I get home.

    1. The recipe is on-line. If you like amaretto you will love them!

  3. I'm so happy that you got to go out and enjoy some time out of the house! And with the kids! You most definitely deserve it! I hope you get to do it again, soon!!!

    1. Thanks Elena...guess it goes to show me I can enjoy being away from the husband...

  4. I'm happy you were able to get out. It seems that everyone had a blast.

  5. Ok, I left a comment on this over a week ago and now I don't know if it ever posted, so I will comment again. I am soooo glad you had a girls day out. What a refreshment to your soul. It looks like the three of you had a blast. I am also glad Darian got his own time out too. It probably gave them a glimpse of how it used to be and eventually will be again. I love Bath and Body Works, I could spend hundreds of dollars in there if I had it.

    1. Sometimes blogger is as stupid as Facebook and the other sites. Yes, we all had a good time!


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