Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So What! Wednesday

Well here it is Wednesday. Seems like we just was talking about Sunday....and today I am going to say:


  • if I am not crazy about that skunk that I found in my backyard enjoying the treats that I put out for my friends, the turkeys and the squirrels. I don't like skunks and I don't want them eating in my backyard! Eww!
  • if I slammed my breaks on when I saw the big buck tonight, getting ready to step into the road in front of my car. I know you aren't supposed to slam on your brakes, but there is no way I was going to hit that sucker. He was huge. And I only carry liability insurance on my car. And I don't think he carries any kind of insurance.
  • if I don't know who all reads my blog. Hopefully not my grandchildren since I just talked about their birthday presents. And whoever is coming several times a week (sometimes a day) from Liberal, Kansas...feel free to leave me a comment. I might want to be your friend.
  • if my husband and I both love oysters. I know they stink up the house. But that oyster stew was certainly good for dinner tonight. And Richard had  TWO bowls.

I am linking up with So What! Wednesday on Life After I Dew. What are you saying so what to this week?


  1. So what if your house smells like oysters....2 bowls!!!! That is fabulous

    1. That's right! He loved it. We haven't had it since the kids came 5 years ago....they were gone tonight. And I am finishing off the rest of it for my bedtime snack. Ha Ha So what?

  2. Yay for Richard having 2 bowls. That is fantastic!!! I laughed what I read about the deer not carrying any insurance. I pictured in my mind an officer asking the deer for his verifications and the deer patting his fur as if saying "Now where did I leave that blasted insurance card". hahaha...sorry my random sense of humor... Skunks are disgusting! I definitely would not want one in my backyard either.

    1. Yep, those darn deer should have insurance. They can destroy a car...


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