Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What! Wednesday 2014

SO WHAT! Wednesday

Life After I Dew

So what if:

   My Christmas decorations are still up. It was a short season and I have a lot of other things to worry about. So what!

   Trying to teach my almost 14 year old grand-daughter to become more responsible is more than I can deal with at times and I just yell at her. So what!

    Blogger is making me bonkers today with doing all kinds of weird things. Like trying to change the color of my font. Or making it bold when I don't want it to be bold. So what!

    My husband is still sitting at the dining table with his breakfast in front of him. He is really just playing with his napkin and the straws in his water bottle and coffee cup. So what! 

    I am sick, sick, sick of winter. But at least the sun is shining and the temps are out of the single digits. So what?

    Today is the 55th anniversary of my dad's death. And I am still pissed off about it. So what?
Enough for today. I am linking up here.


  1. Okay, I totally TOTALLY like this idea of SO WHAT....

    But then I start singing that Pink song,

    "So, so what?
    I'm still a rock star
    I got my rock moves
    And I don't need you

    And guess what
    I'm having more fun
    And now that we're done
    I'm gonna show you tonight

    I'm alright
    I'm just fine
    And you're a tool!"

  2. Well Paula, Christmas just ended two days ago so you are right on schedule with the removal of your decorations. I start in the morning.

    1. That is exactly what I have been telling myself, Wendy! We are going to do 12 days of Christmas from now on. especially when it comes to decorating. Gives me more time to enjoy Thanksgiving and longer to take down the decorations. I un-decorated the tree this afternoon

  3. My wrapping paper is still sitting in my living room (Its Jan 18). Uh, when you find that secret to Harley being more responsible, can you share it with me...a struggle I am having right now with my own offspring.

    1. All things Christmas have finally left our house. And I doubt I will find any secrets to share. I think it is a 'girl' thing. Darian (nor either of my grown boys) ever acted this way!!


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