Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hope Comes at The Right Time

Tonight this was exactly how I was feeling.
Like I can no longer go on.
And then, while I was browsing on
I found this!
I really think that "Hope" is whispering in my ear.
Richard is having some 'strange' things going on with some muscle twitching. And it is
driving me crazy. Not bothering him. In fact, he tries to tell me that he has done that "for years". Of which he has NOT!
I am wondering about a reaction to the anti-depressant that we just started. Or maybe he really had a little 'mini-stroke' last week when I thought he might have. Or maybe I read too much crap on the internet. Or maybe I should really just go with the flow and not let any of this bother me the way that it does.
Whatever it is all about
Hope whispers that 'I am strong.'


  1. It bothers you because it worries you. Each new development is very scary. Stay strong and never give up Hope!!

    1. Yes it is, Wendy! I am trying...some days as hard as I can and I am hoping upon hoping to never give up hope. But damn this is hard!

  2. I love this quote. I've added it to my quote journal.

  3. I love how your theme word is whispering to you. xo

  4. <3 this! I'm on Pinterest too! What are you pinning?

  5. I love how pinterest can usually put us in a better mood. I hope the twitching stops...other than that; how is the medication helping?

    1. Weird and strange. The twitching left the same way it came. Suddenly and he's not twitching any longer. I love Pinterest but I am not at all crafty


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