Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Funny Little Valentines

Today is List It Tuesday.....Below is 10 of my favorite pins from My Funny Valentine Pinterest Board. Go on over and see what else I have pinned.

I like too print these out and put them in frames around the house

A simple idea for a banner across a window or the fireplace mantle.

These look yummy. And only 2 ingredients!
Harley and I made these for her entire class when she was in the 6th grade.
Such a cute idea. And everyone needs a drink of water to chase all that candy with.
And free...just go to the paint store and stock up on paint chips.
I want to make these for my grandchildren someday!
I love the printables found on this site. She hasn't posted in ages but still a lot of neat stuff to see.
The source on this pin just took me to another pinners boards (don't you hate it when the pin doesn't lead to the source? I do) so I will give credit to my friend Wendy who showed a picture of hers on her blog.

I know that if I make this for Richard for breakfast on Valentine's Day it will bring a smile.

I am linking up with List it Tuesday. Do you have any favorite Valentine's activities or ideas to share?


  1. Hey Thanks for the attagirl Paula. I love all of your ideas!!

    1. I like decorating for the holidays...it brightens up my house and my mood. And you are more than welcome!

  2. What fun ideas! I especially like the "52 Things..." one.

    1. I do too! I am going to start working on those for my grandkids for Christmas.....2014! I have 9 grandchildren so it will probably take me that long

  3. Great pins! I used to love to decorate, then I got lazy.

    1. I am lazy too. But the decorations brighten up Richard and the kids like them. And you know that is how I roll. I can't believe I am such a damn people pleaser.....

  4. I love conversation hearts in decorating. I also like the idea of printing out your #2 and keeping it permanently in my house somewhere. I am pretty anti valentines day except for kids. I would definitely like to make that fudge. I think Richard would love the heart shaped egg just for him. :)

    1. Even my kids don't do valentines day anymore. And I no longer get anything for them. Richard always, always, always brought me home a heart shaped box of chocolates


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