Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Letters

Ah I used to love Fridays!
It meant the weekend was here and I would have a couple of days off work to relax or finish home-type chores.
But now that I am home all the time, Friday is just another day.
But I do have Friday Letters.

Dear Darian: Happy 16th Birthday! I cannot believe it. I remember my 16th birthday and I was starting to feel so grown up. I couldn't hardly wait to turn 18 and leave home. Just don't be in a big hurry. Okay? Home isn't such a bad place to be. And besides I would miss you so much.

Dear Harley: Finally!!! The last ballgame of the season and your team pulled out a win. 30-9. Not too shabby. Aren't you looking forward to a break now before track starts? I know that I am.

Dear Richard: I hate that you aren't feeling so good again. I hope it is just that infected toe. But today when you said to me, 'I think I only have a couple of weeks left,' I can tell you that it hit me in the heart. Bigtime! I know that I am not yet ready. But, then will I ever be? I love you!

Dear Paige: I am so, so sorry that you had to give your cats away! I know that you are hurting in your heart tonight. But someday I also know that you will fill your house and yard with lots of dogs, cats, and horses. You are such an animal lover. So kind and tender-hearted! I will give you an extra long hug when you get here this weekend.

Dear Weather: Believe me, winter, when I tell you that I won't miss you one little bit when you finally decide to leave.




  1. I am sorry your husband is feeling poorly now. Winter is hard on folks who are older and ill. Maybe it is the fault of winter.

    1. Yes, I think you are right. He is really blah and I am sure it is the cold, grey days!

  2. I had such a chill reading Richard's words. Praying he's wrong!

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday Darian! Yay! Congrats to Harley! I am sorry to hear about Richard. I hope he hangs in there. Aww...poor Paige. I teared up just thinking about it. I wouldn't know what to do without my fur-babies. I (who usually love winter) am so darn sick of it I could scream! Hang in there Paula. Love and hugs.


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