Thursday, December 19, 2013

Turn on the lights!

Egads it is December 19! Soon this year will be over forever. In the record books! Today our Holidailies prompt wants to know :

What is your favorite group/family activity to do during the holiday season?

I have spoken to this before when I talked about one of our traditions. We like to take a night and go out and look at all the Christmas lights. There are so many awesome displays here in Hutchinson. This year, on the night of the luminaries, the kids will be attending a progressive dinner with their church youth group so I guess it will just be Richard and me in the car. No Bailey's Irish Cream in my hot chocolate until we are safely at home. (After the kids are picked up). Merry Christmas everyone....


  1. We love looking at lights too. I have been to two new lighting displays this year. One of them is going to be on the show "Great Christmas Light Fight" on Monday. The people that put it on, their daughter played in the band with my brother. I want to go to this rich neighborhood and look at their lights, supposedly there are a bunch of Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation movie) light styled houses. What a great tradition and I really am happy it is just going to be you and Richard. It sounds like a great evening for the two of you.


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