Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Big Day Has Come and Gone

Yes, the big day has come and gone. But we haven't even celebrated Christmas yet at our house. My son and his little family will be here this afternoon and the piles of presents under the tree can be ripped into and the sounds of joy will fill our house. I know there will be joyous sounds because I know what they are getting. Hehehehe! Now I have skipped a couple of Holidailies so I will catch up:

Share your favorite charities and tell why they are near and dear to your heart!

I will only donate to places that keep my money local. This year the church took on the project called "Hope Boxes". They adopted a school (yes, an entire school) and each child was presented with a box that was filled with gloves, hats, toys and candy (or whatever you wanted to put into them. No cash and no gift cards were allowed). Before Darian and Harley came to live with us they were the recipients of these "Hope Boxes". So this year, we filled 3 of them. The church then delivered them to the school. The kids' were so excited to receive them. And my kids learned a bit about paying it forward. We also give to every Salvation Army red bucket that we pass....every time we pass one. The Salvation Army is where most of my Christmas presents as a kid came from. It is the least that I can do to pay them back. 

What's the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

I have been given a lot of advice in my lifetime. After all I am almost 63 years old. Some of it has been good advice and some of it hasn't been all that great. But there are two pieces of advice, if that's what we are going to call it, that I have heard from my mom and that I have repeated to my kids and to my grand kids.

  • No one ever promised you that life is a rose garden!
  • Life isn't always fair!

And she has been right on both accounts. I think it is what we make of it that counts. I haven't always made it into a rose garden. And I have had plenty of times that I thought I was being cheated because it just wasn't FAIR. But in the end I have plenty to be thankful for. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else. 


  1. Have fun today. I am glad your son is feeling better!!

    1. Thank You Wendy! We had a good Christmas. Richard was able to sit at the table and eat a bit with us. And Uncle and Aunt spoiled the kids rotten

  2. Sounds like it's going to be a festive day! :-)

  3. I can't wait to hear about all the fun Christmas festivities. Life kind of is like a rose garden, there are more thorns than roses, but when you hit the sweet smell of the rose, you tend to linger on it before being poked with the thorns again...haha. The whole life isn't fair...yeah, that just sucks...I found that out on Christmas Day. Hugs Paula.

    1. Why didn't I think of that??? I wonder what my mom would have said if I had mentioned 'thorns'? I don't think that is what she meant Haha


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