Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas Decorations

I am a 'maker of lists'. They are all over the house. I have a grocery list, a to-do list, a list of people to call in emergency, lists for this and lists for that. I want to join Angie at Many Little Blessings on Tuesday to make a list. You can read the rules for Top Ten Tuesday here and join along.

Since I am decorating for Christmas this week I want to share with you my 10 Favorite Christmas Decorations.

1. Of course, first and foremost is the Nativity Scene. I bought this little nativity scene many years ago at one of those 'home' parties that people have. And I have loved it since. I have a little packet of hay that I lay across the stable floor. And up inside the peak of the roof is a small yellow light that we call 'the star'. Decorating, at my house, is not complete until the little stable is put out.  
2.Next, I always like to set the table with my Christmas Dishes. I have two sets of dishes and we will use them everyday during the Christmas season. This table used to be in the breakfast room. We have converted this room into a reading room (and the tree is here) so I will set the dining table for Christmas and use it for all of our meals. It is just more festive if you use your dishes for every meal.

3. I love this Santa Doll. He stands in my front bay window in front of the tree. He greets visitors as they come up the walk to the front door.  
 4. This little ornament belongs to my husband Richard. It is a tiny glass Santa. His paint is starting to peel but he is very special to us. Richard has had since 1938 when he was around 5 years old. We take very special care of this tiny man. 
5. This little snowman candle is special to me as it was made by a special little kindergarten girl who is now 13. Mr. Snowman always sits on the dining table along with the Christmas dishes. 
 6. Many years ago, Richard found these cling-type snowflakes for the bay window. They look especially nice when there is snow outside. I am just as happy to use them when there is NO snow. They are supposed to glow in the dark but it just doesn't get dark enough in our neighborhood to see them glow. 
 7. Of course there are the multicolored lights that adorn the roof line of our house.

8. This little bird has been clipped on every single Christmas tree I have had in my adult houses. She is a pretty, sparkly white bird. 

9. And of course there is the tree. I love how the lights glow in the window. This year I bought a new pre-lit cashmere tree. But here is a peek at the tree from last year. 

10. And last, but not least, is one of my favorite decorations of all times. I bought this old window screen from a craft show many years ago and every winter it adorns my mantle. I leave it there all through the winter. Those big stuffed bears Richard brought home for me from a trip he took a number of years ago.......

There you have it! My 10 favorite Christmas Decorations. I hope to see some of yours. And head over to Many Little Blessings to link up your list.


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    1. Thank you Wendy.....our home is definitely homey. We are NOT a showcase by any means

  2. I loved, loved, loved this post, Paula. I haven't been very "christmas-y" in a really long time...I guess due to sadness. The last Christmas I remember that I had a tree was the last year I lived with my daughter--1999. We had all sorts of ornaments, and decorations, but I've never had the heart to do Christmas again. Maybe someday in the future, after she and I meet again, I'll feel the urge. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures, they made me happy :)

    1. You are more than welcome my friend....I can certainly understand how something like that would make you not feel Chrismas-y. I am not feeling it much myself this year but Richard loves the decorations and we have the kids. So I do it for all of them

  3. Oh my. You are my "list" sister.

    I am a big believer in lists as well. And I have taken it to a new level ... I used to keep a single to do list but it was always way too long and it was a disincentive - so nothing got done. I still keep the main list long, as it has stuff on it that flits through my mind and I don't want to forget - but each day - usually the night before - I make my to-do list for just a day. I put it on a 3x5 card. I pick off my main list things that need to get done as well as stuff that has popped up just in the last few hours (and if I put those last minute things on my main list I would need a little red wagon to carry my list around. Thank God for 3x5 cards. The card can only hold so many "to-dos" so it is manageable, and I don't get overwhelmed, and I can keep that card in my purse so I stay on top of stuff. Otherwise I sort of quietly roam through my day doing absolutely NOTHING complaining that I don't have the time to get things done. HA!

    This system works very well for me - as long as I don't loose that card! Which is always a risk now a days. Then it is a "roaming day" until the next day when I have created a new card - and remembered some of the things I should have been doing! LOL

    Gosh, I have NEVER shared that with anyone and now that I write it - it sounds like of like a crazy woman!!! Ha Ha!! I think I should do a post on this myself!!!!

    Anyway, I love your Christmas stuff. I do far less now a days, as my Christmas spirit is sorely lacking, but I used to do a bunch of decorating. I have also gotten a new artificial tree this year with the lights already on it (see ... we are "neighbors" under the skin - too bad we don't live closer. I would love to share all this in person.) My tree is much smaller now - more manageable. And the Christmas spirit may return one day when we have little feet again in our family - for which I am hopeful - as I am a grandmother-in-waiting and waiting and waiting ... and have been for years and years and years!! :-) I don't fret about this with my kids but I do fret about it with anyone standing still long enough to listen. You are a blog friend so you are trapped!!! :-)

    Happy Holidays to you dear friend.

    1. I hear that! I am not really in the mood for Christmas but Richard loves the decorations and we do have the kids here so I put it all up


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