Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Favorite Christmas Treats

Doesn't everyone like treats at Christmas-time? I love them all year long but there are certain treats that we only have at Christmas. Listed below are some that are among my favorite:

We love egg nog at our house. I usually buy Bordens egg nog. Or the store brand. I like to pour it into a cup with some whipped cream on top and a dash of nutmeg. Nothing says "Christmas" to me like sipping a cup of eggnog.  

And not only do I love making Millionaire Fudge but I simply love eating it. I like to put a piece of it into my mouth a tiny little bite at a time. Savor each piece. Oh yummy!
You can click on this picture for a recipe. I will be making this real soon. We never put nuts in our fudge but it still tastes just as good. 

My Aunt Lorene always made her 'world-famous' Never fail divinity. And I have made it a few hundred times myself. And it never fails. Here is the recipe:
1 1/2 cups sugar
pinch of salt
1/3 cup water
1jar marshmallow cream

Mix sugar, salt, and water and bring to a boil. Boil to the hard ball stage. (248-250*)
Put marshmallow cream into a large bowl. When syrup has reached the right stage pour into bowl with marshmallow cream and beat until peaks form. Add nuts if desired and drop onto wax paper by a teaspoon. Melts in your mouth delicious. I never use a candy thermometer. My aunt taught me to drip a bit of the syrup into a cup of very cold water. Then test if the syrup can form a very firm ball if you roll it between your fingers. Takes some practice!

And who doesn't love white chocolate dipped pretzels. These are Richard's favorite. So I
will be making several batches of these this Christmas. The kids eat them as well. They disappear very fast at our house. But I have to admit they are not my favorite thing to make.

My favorite of all Christmas goodies though is the shaped sugar cookie. I try every year to have an afternoon where all the grand kids gather at my house and we make cookies. The numbers have dwindled as the older ones no longer want to do this. The last year that we did it was 2011.Here are some of the pictures from that baking day. 

So these are five of my favorite Christmas Treats. I am linking up today with List it Tuesday at Many Little Blessings Blog

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    1. It will be even more fun when I get those treats all made and we begin to consume them. LOL


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