Sunday, December 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday and Last Week's Real Life Plan

Sometimes life just gets crazy, doesn't it? Mine isn't so much that things are busy. (I haven't even wrapped a present yet.) But when you are caring for a loved one that can keep your pretty busy...either caring for them or worrying about them. Anyhow, first, we'll talk about how last weeks menu plan went.

On Monday I switched with Wednesday and we had biscuits and gravy. Darian and Harley really, really like it when we have breakfast for dinner.

Tuesday we did have Baked potato soup and it was delicious. I even had it for a late night snack and lunch on Wednesday.

Wednesday I finally made the John Wayne Casserole. It really wasn't all that great. In fact, if I make it again I will have to find a way to spice it up some. I know when something is really good.....the kids go back for seconds. They didn't for this. So I didn't even keep the leftovers.

Thursday was the day that Richard got sicker and slept around the clock. So I just had a sliced apple and cheese and crackers. Darian was wrestling and Harley had a basketball game.

Firday Richard was still down. And I was so depressed and feeling sad that we ate leftovers. The kids made a frozen pizza. And I felt sorry for myself. Boo! Hoo!

Saturday the kids were to go to their progressive dinner but we had so much snow and ice that they canceled it. So it was hot dogs for the kids and I. Richard had a pudding cup.

Sunday we were to have chicken and noodles. But the progressive dinner was on again. And my son, Justin, is home sick with the flu. So grilled cheese for Richard and I. He ate a half sandwich. Is still coughing but a bit better today. Very confused unfortunately. 

Now on to this week's plan:

December 23-December 29


Beef Stew



Although it is Christmas Day we aren't having ours until tomorrow so today we will finish off all the leftovers.


Mashed Potatoes/gravy
Creamy Corn
Cracker Barrel Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Cheesecake Bites
Chocolate Cake


Ham and Turkey Sandwiches


Ham & Beans


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  1. Ooooh great ideas! I love seeing Christmas dinner ideas too :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for visiting Sarah...Merry Christmas to you

  2. Hope Richard continues to mend. Mom has been really bad lately too. Yesterday while we were out to the ballet she wet herself. She has never done that before. I didn't have any change of clothing for her. We were with a large group and had taken the shuttle so we didn't even have a car so we could leave and take her home. I was spent by the time we finally did get home last night....Ok I'm done griping.....sorry to use your shoulders which are already so burdened.

    1. It is okay. You can vent to me anytime at all. We are kind of in the same boat. I started putting adult pull-ups on Richard a long time ago just so we would not have to worry when there was an accident. Do you think it is the holiday season that brings out the worst in them? Have you checked into Hospice? They will help with supplies and that is a great lift off the shoulders with financial burden

  3. I hope Richard continues to improve.

    1. Thanks far today he is still a BIT better


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