Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kids These Days.....

Today is day 11 of Holidailies and it is Grinch Week. The writing prompt is:

Kids These Days

I would have had a good rant about kids these days but I visited my friend Wendy's blog earlier this morning  and read her post and it sure put some perspective into my thoughts. I am sure there are a lot of spoiled, entitled kids out there. But I have to talk about my grand kids (like Wendy did hers). Sure they are spoiled. And sometimes they feel like they are entitled. But for the two who live here with us I am nothing but grateful. I don't know of too many 13 years old girls or 15 year old boys who do what these two do. And my other 13 year old grand-daughter, when she stays here on the weekends, does her part as well. Darian has been helping me with his Papa's shower every week. And never complains. And has never once acted like he finds it to feel uncomfortable. It is just what we need to do. So he does it. They all three know how to transfer Papa from his recliner to his wheelchair and get him ready for meals. They know that the towel that we drape over him is a "shirt-saver" and not a bib. They know that the pants Papa wears are "pull-ups" and not diapers. They know that Papa needs his glass (with a straw in it)  put close enough so he can save his energy for feeding himself.

They are more than aware of what the site of dentures in a bowl are all about. And they never turn up their nose or say 'ewwww'. Although I know they think it! All of them have learned just how Papa likes his blankets and can tuck them in all around him so that he stays happy and toasty warm all the time. And they all know how to administer a breathing treatment. And how to set up the oxygen and turn it on. And none of them complain that Papa is in control of the remote for the TV. We watch what he wants to watch.

And they fiercely defend their Papa if granny is getting a bit cranky. No one says anything bad about THEIR papa! He is smothered everyday in hugs, kisses, and love.

When they go for a snack before bed one of them will always ask Papa what he wants for his snack. Then they prepare it for him. And help him with it if he needs help. And never complain.

I am so proud of these kids that sometimes I feel as if my heart will burst. They have all been through a lot in their young lives. Yet they know that giving back is done with love. And not because it is expected of you. It is just the way we roll around here.

I salute you Darian, Harley, and Paige. You make Grandma very proud and happy. 


  1. You are a lucky Grandma and they are lucky kids.

    1. You are right! On both accounts! Thank you Wendy

  2. Wel,l you are soooooo right about how great these kids are. The only thing that would make them absolutely perfect is ... recognition that Grandma needs some of that tender loving care as well. Or maybe you are terribly good at giving a brave face and they just don't know how hard it is for you as his caregiver and as his wife.

    Those kids are so darn lucky to be witness to this example of love and caring.

    1. They do give grandma some of that same tender, loving care. But it is different! They like to tease me and make me laugh....I am so glad that they are here with us!


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