Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Letters in December

The Third Friday of December is here. Soon it will be Christmas.

Today my Friday Letters are:

Dear Little Miss Redbird: I hope you enjoyed your brief stay in our house last evening. You scared me to death when you flew in the door. And what a couple of hours we had trying to get you to fly back out. I hope that you found your way back to your nest and are resting up today.

Dear Christmas:Your day is coming. And you will shine. We are celebrating on Thursday instead of Wednesday. But Christmas is whatever day you want it to be. Not just December 25. We have to wait for the 'cops' to have their day off.

Dear Santa: My kids don't really believe in you as a person any longer. But they are sure expecting that you fill their stockings. So don't get stuck in the chimney, okay?

Dear Little White 'Westies' who come running in my yard: If I thought I could get by with it I would bring you in the house and keep you as my own. You are both so darn cute. But I see your owner out there calling you to come home. You manage to get away from him once or twice a week.

Dear Richard: Keep smiling! We will make it another year. 2013 isn't your time! Hear Me?



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