Friday, December 6, 2013

December's First Friday

I think I am on a roll now for December. It will be little quickie posts and maybe more than one a day. I have lots of little things stuck in my head that I just need to put in writing. Does that ever happen to you. It is Friday. And on Friday I have decided to do Friday Letters. I don't necessarily need to link up. I just like the idea of writing little notes to people and things that have been a part of my week. So Today is Friday Letters Day.

Dear Christmas: I have out-smarted you this year. I am ready. My tree is up. The house is decorated. The gifts are bought. I am way ahead of the there.

Dear Weather: Even though I knew you were coming, it was such a surprise to open the door and see the ground covered with snow. And seriously, 15 degrees! And a low of 8 degrees tonight! Enough, already.

Dear Hospice: Where would I be without you. I know I am a nurse. But I have never cared for a dying husband before. And I am not sure how I am supposed to act. Thank you for not treating me like a bimbo. Thank you for understanding that I have control issues. And just thank you for everything!

Dear Darian: Two wrestling matches under your belt. It is okay that you didn't win! Your first time wrestling varsity. I am proud of you. And you lose with such dignity. That isn't easy to do. As long as you are having fun I will support you no matter whether you win or lose.

Dear Harley: Wow! Would you like slow down a bit on this growing up thing. You are nearly as tall as me. And you are only 13. But you are so beautiful. You are going to break hearts.

Dear Brother Chuck: I am glad that you had a nice visit in Louisiana for Thanksgiving. But I am glad that you are home.




  1. LOL that last little snippet sounded like something my daughter, Amy would say to her brother, my son, Chuck.

    1. Another thing we have in common? A Chuck in our lives!

  2. Elexis has passed me in height. Can't wait to hear more about Darian and his matches. That's awesome that he wrestles. I sucks! Here too. I am taking the ostrich approach to Christmas. I stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away. haha

    1. Well I am 5'10"! So if she passes me she will be really tall. Yes, Darian has wrestled since 7th grade. He's not very good at it but he loves it and he keeps going out every year. We don't get to see many of his matches, but my brother Chuck almost always goes. I usually don't do anything about shopping until the week before but this year I ordered everything online.

    2. Online shopping is the best. I did a lot of that for Elexis this year. How is your cold doing?


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