Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Christmas Tree

Our tree this year. I love how it looks with only the lights of the tree on in the big picture. This has become Darian's favorite room to do his homework by the light of the tree. Starting in the right top corner and working our way around to the bottom left I will describe the ornaments:

  • The little Mickey and Minnie Mouse was given to Richard and me the year we went to Walt Disney World 2011
  • The clothespin soldier...my mom made a tree full of these the year Danny (my first son and her first grandson) was born. We always have one or two on the tree for Grandma Ping
  • The little school house has a picture of my oldest son, Danny, his first school year. 1977
  • This is the little white bird that I put on the tree when I still lived at home with mom. And it has been on all of my adult trees.
  • Next is a little paper star with my son, Justin's, picture. He made it his first year of school. 1981
  • The next picture is of the tree with flash
  • Another Mickey Mouse ornament..this one belongs to Darian to commemorate the trip.
  • Next is Mickey playing the drum. Harley played in the school band and played drums so this is her ornament to commemorate the trip.
  • The tiny little glass Santa belonged to Richard as a little boy. His mom told me she thought it was bought when he was around 5. That would be 1938!
  • The little yellow light bulb came from Kansas City. It is a bulb from The Plaza at Christmas. Quite a site to see. It was given to us when Justin and his family lived in Kansas City area.
  • Next is just another tree without flash that shows the snowflakes in the window.
  • A little Boy Scout ornament represents the Boy Scouts in our family...Richard is a life-time member and Darian is getting ready to start work on his Eagle.
  • The Black bears ornament came from Lake Isabel Lodge in Colorado. This is where Richard and I were married on the lakeside.
  • And finally the little wooden blue and yellow fish came from the Grand Cayman where we were on a cruise trip when  we purchased it. 

Darian studying Geometry!


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I love how each ornament has a history..a story. Every year when we take out our ornaments it's like a beautiful surprise as we share with our girls where each ornament came from. They love to see which ones are theirs, too. That and pulling out the Christmas books--two of our favorite Christmas things to do.

    1. Thanks for visiting. That is what I love most about Christmas It is seeing the ornaments that have followed us all through out lives together!

  2. Beautiful tree and isn't it fun reminiscing about all the ornaments.

    1. Yes it is. And this will leave a message for the kids' should they decide to care about these ornaments someday! You know how kids are


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