Thursday, November 14, 2013

We are so thankful

My husband, Richard, loves holidays. He loves to go all out with celebrating these holidays. We have always (until this year) decorated outside for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. He used to love a giant 'real' Christmas tree. Always, on the Friday following Thanksgiving, a group of Friends with all of our kids would drive the fifty-so miles to the tree farm and cut down our live tree. Didn't matter if it was icy, snowing, raining or what. Off we went, caravan style, to cut down our trees. And then we would gather at one of our houses for chili and potato soup. Ah the memories....

One of Richard's favorite holidays, like mine, is Thanksgiving. And he really likes to go all out. Having just one vegetable was never enough. We had to have creamy corn (in fact Richard was the one to make this dish) and french-style green beans with bacon. And never just one type of pie. We always had to have enough pie to please everyone. We had cherry, apple, pumpkin and a variety of cheesecakes. 
taken at our Disney World vacation before his stroke

We always started the day off by getting up early to get the turkey ready to go into the oven. And then tearing up the bread to make the stuffing. Richard was my ace-in-the-hole when it came to dicing up the onions and the celery. He had the patience to make them into the small pieces that are so necessary for the stuffing. And he peeled the potatoes. I never peeled potatoes for anything until after he had his stroke. Richard knew his way around a kitchen. And he liked to help.

He loved to set up the bar and make sure everyone's glass were always full. Whether you were drinking bourbon and coke or wine, Richard was there to keep your drink fresh. 

Richard also hated paper plates and plastic utensils. So we owned plenty of china and silver to set the table for the entire family. When his mom was still with us I always borrowed her china to compliment mine. After she passed away that china became mine. And I still proudly display it in our hutch. 

Richard loved having the big family gatherings at our house. Never once did I hear him complain. He was always a most gracious host to my extended family.

And now that he is not quite the same man he will still love the holiday. Because he will be the center of attention. People will sit with him and they will include him into the conversation. We may not be having a big family dinner this year. But we DO still have Richard. And that is something to be thankful for. 

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Hi Dee!


  1. Oops I think I left my comment for this post on your next post LOL. So I will comment on yesterday's post on this one...I love that quote you posted.....True Words there.

  2. That is a wonderful picture of you both!

  3. I love reading the memories. And you are right, you do still have Richard and that is definitely something to be thankful for. I wished my grandma (or even parents) had China they could pass on to me. I do have monogrammed silver that I got for Christmas about 10 years ago. It's in one of those velvet lined boxes. My mother in law has this awesome Disney spice rack that will be mine if she ever decides to get rid of it. I am a champion potato peeler. That was always my job in the kitchen growing up.

    1. That monogrammed silver will be Lexis memory someday..


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