Monday, November 25, 2013

Over The River and Through The Woods

Did you know that the song "Over The River and Through the Woods..." was originally a poem titled "A Boy's Thanksgiving Day" written by Lydia Maria Child? From what I learned on Wikipedia modern day Thanksgivings don't normally have snow but New England, in the 19th century, was enduring the Little Ice Age. And although I always heard this to grandmother's house we go, the actual poem is to grandfather's house. Here is the original poem.

Over the river, and through the wood,
To grandfather's house we go;
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh
through the white and drifted snow.

Over the river, and through the wood,
To grandfather's house away!
We would not stop for doll or top,
For tis' Thanksgiving day.

Over the river and through the wood-
Oh, how the wind does blow.
It stings the toes and bites the nose
as over the ground we go.

Over the river and through the wood,
When Grandmother sees us come,
She will say, "oh dear, the children are here,
Bring a pie for everyone."

Over the river and through the wood-
Now Grandmother's cap I spy!
Hurrah for fun! Is the pudding done"
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

I can remember learning this as a song when I was in grade school. Along with the paper pilgrim hats and the paper Indian head-dresses. Oh what simple times those. When you are a child and none of the worries of the grownup world cloud your head....Now let's sing along

"Over the river and through the woods......"

Following along with the 30 Days of here. Today is Day 25!


  1. Interesting. I always thought of it as a Christmas song and had no idea its relation to Thanksgiving.

    1. Glad I wasn't the only one. Even though today I was watching a show (can't remember which) and it was a Thanksgiving episode and they kept playing the song. lol

  2. Thanks for sharing Paula. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. I hope that your is wonderful as well...Thanks for joining in with me this month. I have enjoyed getting to know you better


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