Friday, November 1, 2013

My 30 Days of Thanksgiving 2013

   This is my favorite holiday. I hope you will join me in writing about it. I want to share memories, recipes, thoughts, and hopes for the future. All my posts will have links on this page. (Scroll down to read my first post) 

Day 1: Why I love Thanksgiving
Day 2: A Favorite Recipe
Day 3: Let's Decorate
Day 4: Grateful for my Parents
Day 5: There is Always.....
Day 6: My Personal Tradition
Day 7: Thankfulness for Hospice
Day 8: My First Thanksgiving Away From Home
Day 9: History and Traditions
Day 10:Grateful for Brothers and Sister
Day 11:Be Grateful for a Veteran 
Day 12:Creamy Corn
Day 13:The Perfect Turkey (my secret)
Day 14:We are So Thankful
Day 15:The Pickled Dick
Day 16:Heart Attack Potatoes
Day 17:We Always Have Ham
Day 18:Homemade versus Mrs. Smith 
Day 19:Blankets, Blankets, Who's Got 
Day 20:Blogs and Books
Day 21:The Cousins are Coming, The Cousins...
Day 22:Honoring a Fallen President
Day 23:Stuffing Just Like Mom Made
Day 24:Will We be Thankful for the Weather?
Day 25:Over the River
Day 26:What Do You Take for Granted?
Day 27:Thanksgiving and Sangria
Day 28:Happy Thanksgiving 2013
Day 29:In Memory
Day 30:A Cranky Turkey 


  1. What a great idea and topic. I am anxious to join you each day.

  2. Paula, Should I be linking somewhere? I did link back to your page but wasn't sure if there was a place that all participants were linking to. If there is I am unable to locate it.

    1. I had not made one but that is a good idea. I will put it on my first post

  3. you've got me so interested now that I've read the topics, lol. So good to see all is well. I've missed you guys!

    1. I am so glad to see you. Would love to have you join the challenge. How are things??


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