Friday, November 29, 2013

Cranky Turkey

Thanksgiving is over. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know that ours was very nice. Now to enjoy all those fantastic leftovers. Here is one of my favorite ways to eat left-over turkey.

Cranky Turkey Sandwich

Bread (I like to use rye)
Cream cheese
Cranberry Sauce
Lettuce or Alfalfa sprouts
Butter (if you like it toasted)

Spread the cream cheese on both slices of bread and top with turkey, cranberry sauce, and sprouts/lettuce. Toast if you like

I guarantee you this is the best sandwich EVER!

How do you like to use your leftovers? All of my posts in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving can be found here. Now we are moving on to December and Christmas.....


  1. It was a wonderful 30 day Challenge. Thanks Paula.

  2. Have to admit, that's a good-looking sandwich! Hubby loves his, if I can just wean him off plain white bread!
    Enjoy your day, Paula!

    1. We love the leftovers too ! Glad to see you stopped by!

  3. That looks and sounds delicious. Unfortunately I didn't get cranberry sauce this year. Everybody thought that nobody liked it so they didn't make any. Next time I will be making it myself and taking it.

    1. You can use canned cranberry sauce as well!


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