Thursday, October 3, 2013

Suffering the Symptoms

While I am busy practicing patience, I have been reading about it on the internet. There is a lot of advice out there. Whether any of it is going to work for me remains to be seen. But I will work on it. Without really knowing if a lack of patience had a list of symptoms, I set out to find out. And guess what? There is a list of symptoms for just about everything. Here are the ones for impatience:

Muscle tension
hand/fist clenching
jiggling or restless feet
irritability and anger
shallow breathing
snap/quick decisions* 

Do I have any of these symptoms? YES! The more impatient I become, the more enraged that I am. And the more anxious and irritable I become. And then I react. And later I feel terrible and wish that I had handled that situation differently. That is why I am writing this series of posts about being impatient. I want to learn how to change. How to not react. How to be a more patient grandmother, wife, and caregiver. 

Did you know that impatience caused those kinds of symptoms?

*Found here


  1. I have that muscle tension thing all the time! Damn stress!!!

  2. I am definitely a leg shaker. I find my impatience directed at people who don't recognize that my time is important too. Then I start to get irritable.


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