Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Praticing Patience at the Doctor's Office

This is the 24th day of me Practicing Patience. Well at least writing about it. I am part of The Nester's 31 day challenge. The remainder of my posts can be located by clicking here

I don't like going to the doctor. And since we put Richard into Hospice we don't have to make many trips any longer. (I won't tell anyone here how long it has been since I have been to a doctor of any kind. Nurses often make the worst patients). But I still have the kids and they periodically will have an appointment of some kind. Darian has to be seen by the psychiatrist (eye ball to eye ball) at least twice a year for him to continue to write his scripts for ADHD and anxiety. So today was that day.

I often have wondered why they even bother to make appointments in a doctor's office. I think the solution is just to have people come in and take a number and it's your turn when your number comes up. Because we never get in when we have the appointment. Today was no exception. Just as we were nearing the '30 minutes in the waiting room' mark we were called back. The nurse weighed and measured and did all of her vital statistic checks and then we were left in the little room waiting for the doctor. At least we got to keep our clothes on.....hahahaha!


My point in this post is that, believe it or not, I did not get badly IMPATIENT. I might have mentioned once or twice what time our appointment was. But I only mentioned it to Darian, not the whole room. And I never once got out of my chair and approached the receptionist. So maybe, just maybe I really am 'PRACTICING PATIENCE'. 


  1. Doctor's offices are the worst!! Good for you for being patient! We go to the semi-urgent care when we have to go to the doc. It really is take a number and seen accordingly. It's a small practice with just two docs so it doesn't feel like a revolving door and they have all of our records. And for the record, last time I went to the doc was...9-10 years ago... I don't get sick and if something bad comes up (like pulling every ligament in my hand) I go to the ER.


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