Sunday, October 6, 2013

October's Simple Woman's Daybook

   I cannot believe that I let September slip away without doing a Simple Woman's Daybook Post. September was just a crazy month on this roller coaster we are let's get into October

FOR TODAY October 6, 2013

Outside my window... Today is a beautiful fall, crisp air but bright and shiny

I am will soon be winter and I am not a fan

I am thankful...Last week Richard was in a very low spot but today he is at the table reading the paper...for that I am thankful

In the kitchen...I am doing lots of reading and preparing to do some freezer cooking. I like the idea of dinner waiting there

I am wearing...shorts and a usual uniform

I am creating...nothing much. I created my fall mantle this past week but with Richard's condition it is hard to do much more

I am shopping this afternoon. Yeah me!

I am wondering...when will my local store develop on-line shopping. Where I can just go on-line, shop, and drive through to pick it all up. I would love that!

I am reading...Gray Justice by Alan McDermott. This is an interesting read on a 'fictional' idea for the justice system in England.

I am hoping...that things will stablize for now with Richard's health. This past week was very stressful

I am looking forward to...watching The Good Wife tonight. One of my favorite new shows.

I am to Practice Patience. Follow my 31 days here.

Around the house...I am just managing to keep things picked up and neat. I did get to wash the windows in the dining room this past week. Much of anything else is just not possible right now.

I am I can paint the dining room Anyone want to come help?

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite fresh, crisp Gala apples. I have a bushel ordered

A few plans for the rest of the week: Pretty much more of the same. Darian has Scouts on Monday, debate on Tuesday and Thursday and both will attend youth church on Wednesday. Sounds like 'Granny's taxi' will be busy


  1. I love apples...I have at least one a day. On-line grocery shopping sounds like a dream. Even better if they delivered and put away for me. I would definitely pay for that kind of service. I wish I had the freezer space for a months worth of dinners. It would save so much time (hopefully).

    1. This weekend (hopefully) I am going to do my first big freezer cooking. And I am picking up a bushel of gala apples later today. That is when fall really starts for me.

    2. I like how we both used hopefully in parenthesis. I guess there is always hope in something even though sometimes real life gets in the way.

    3. I already see that plan slipping away as Richard is having a hard couple of days.


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