Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Letters

Fridays seem to come so fast. Wasn't it just Friday. When I worked full time and had a weekend off (every other) it seemed to take forever for Friday to get here. I think this has something to do with me growing older and time seems to fly. Anyhow, here I am once again doing Friday Letters. I will link up with The Sweet Season Blog if she puts up the link...otherwise, I just like the idea of writing little letters each week.

Dear October: You have been so cold this year. What happened to fall? The temperature outside right now is 38* Too cold, I think.

Dear Hoover Steam Cleaner: You kicked my butt yesterday when I cleaned the living room carpet. I ache everywhere this morning. But I plan to put you back to use and steam clean the sofa and love seat.....

Dear Darian and Harley: I cannot believe that you only have half a day of school today. See you soon. Seems like you just walked out the door.

Dear Richard: I am glad that the antibiotic has worked and the UTI is gone. Now, don't get another one. You hear me?

Dear Cousins: Sad that you didn't come. I was so looking forward to adult conversations and etc. Maybe another time. When something silly doesn't get in our way. 


  1. Glad the UTI is gone... Cold weather sucks! We are still having mild temps and a lot of rain. Um, wanna come steam my stuff?? We only have carpet in one will be easy...haha!

    1. Oh Cristy I would trade houses with you in a heartbeat. I have carpet in every room but the bathrooms and it is a pain in the butt. I never get into the bedrooms to shampoo them. My dream is hardwood throughout. I would even settle for laminates at this point

    2. We have cement in our living room. We could never decide if we wanted tile or hardwood, so we have the cement still. I love it because its durable and easy to clean. The only downside, when glass drops on it, it usually breaks (Christmas We took out all the other carpet except Elexis' room. We have laminate in our computer room and hallway and vinyl tile in kitchen and bath (we are hoping to replace with real tile this year).

    3. What have you done with the cement? Painted? My whole house has cement under the carpet as the house sits on a cement slab. Isn't it cold in the winter? Wow I wonder what it would be like to just rip up the carpets and leave it as for thought

    4. Our cement is just bare. Like poured slab. In fact there are a few leaf imprints (I think it gives the floor character). We thought about having it stained, but we are procrastinators. When our elderly chihuahua kept having accidents we tore it up, the carpet is old anyway. Same with our bedroom. My sister said she would cry if we ever did anything to our cement floor because it's what makes our house home to her. We thought about putting down ceramic tile that looks like hardwood floors, much more durable for animal nails than hardwood.


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