Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to 31 Days of Practicing Patience

     Welcome to my blog. I am joining in with The Nester's 31 Day Challenge. I plan to write about a subject that is very, very hard for me. PATIENCE! As in, I have very little. I want to become a more patient person. I am a wife, mother, grandmother. I am caring for my invalid husband and two teenage grandchildren and I need more patience.

     Follow along with me as I delve into learning about patience, finding out why I am not patient, and maybe, just maybe, practice some patience. My daily links will be posted here.

Day 1: What is the meaning of Patience

Day 2: A good Attitude is Needed
Day 3: Suffering the Symptoms
Day 4: A Few things that make me impatient
Day 5: Patience And God
Day 6: Running out of Patience for my Patient
Day 7: What is it about standing in Line?
Day 8: Tattoo or Not?
Day 9: Mixing Teenagers and Patience
Day 10: Beloved Husband
Day 11: What the Wise Ones Have to Say
Day 12: Impatient to Pee
Day 13: Patience and Waiting
Day 14: Am I Mentally Ill?
Day 15: Lost Patience with My Car
Day 16 God Speaks to Me
Day 17: A Wonderfully Patient Cab Driver
Day 18: Patience on Pinterest
Day 19: Baseball and Dementia
Day 20: Practice What You Preach
Day 21: Hold on a Little Longer
Day 22: Patience and Your Spouse
Day 23: Running on Empty
Day 24: Practicing Patience at the Doctor's
Day 25: Patience and Love
Day 26: Always
Day 27: Waiting for the Sun
Day 28: Patience is Hard
Day 29: The One Cardinal Sin
Day 30: I will Not Quit
Day 31: My final Thoughts on This Challenge


  1. I often wish I could bottle my patience and sell it. I would be a gajillionaire! ;)


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