Thursday, September 19, 2013

October Blogging Challenge


   October is almost here. I am going to link up with The Nester's 31 Day Blogging Challenge. All you have to do is write on any one topic for 31 days. I find that doing a challenge stretches me and forces me to write. I love to write but sometimes I just run out of ideas. The Nester  is making topics this year for her challenge.These are some of the ideas that she has listed so far on her blog. She said these may change a bit. I am planning to write about a topic that I want to learn more about and will fit either into the Family life category or maybe even the Faith-ish one. If you want to learn about the challenge go here and here. She is going to teach us how to make our own buttons next week. Last year there were over 1200 bloggers who linked up with The Nester.

House & Home decorating, holiday, thrifting and such–this gets its own category because historically–and since this is a home blog, we’ve had lots of these types of themes.
Simplicity & Organizing yes, this usually has to do with House & Home as well, but this topic is popular too, so if you are talking about decluttering your house or mind, this might be the best topic for you to link up under.
Family Life parenting, marriage, baby, financial stuff and more
Faith-ish anything faith related
Personal Endeavors could be your personal story, how to do a 31 day cleanse, becoming intentional…
Too Awesome to be Categorized there are so many fantastic topics that simply don’t have a category, put yours here–I have a feeling this will be my favorite category!

What do you think? Something you might want to try with me?


  1. I don't know if I'm going to do an October challenge or not... must decide soon! On another note, I have an award for you: shine on!

    1. Yep it will be here before we know it. Mine is in the works. I am going to write about Practicing Patience something I seriously need to do.

  2. I agree. I sometimes need the focus of a challenge to get me back on track. I definitely will try this challenge.

    1. I think this sounds interesting. We will see how it goes.


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