Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Memories for Us

I have kind of fallen behind but instead of trying to play catch up I am just going to start right here with today.

Tuesday, September 17 A memory you would love to relive!
This is easy.
I would love to relive this beautiful August day in the mountains of Colorado when I married my best friend. I know that I cannot go back and change the way that things are for us now, but I would love to relive this day.


  1. That song. It gets me everytime. I love Keith.The photo is beautiful too. xx

    1. Thanks Lisa. I love the song too! We had a very small beautiful outdoor wedding. The people you see standing there and the person who took the picture was all that was at the wedding

  2. What a great day and memory! Thanks for letting us revisit it as well.


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