Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am a Survivor.....

What do I mean by that title to this post?
It means that I survived Big Brother this year.
It was the most controversial Big Brother Show ever.
It was filled with nastiness and racism and bullying.
But I couldn't miss an episode.
I don't know why.
I guess it is like a bad car accident.
You know when you drive by and you don't want to look.
But you can't look away.
I am glad that it is over.
Andy Herrin won!
I am happy for him.
I think.

 Then last night was also the season Premier of Survivor.
We are big Survivor fans as well.
But I was all prepared to hate this season.
I don't like it when they cast returning players.
But this season, I think, will prove to be different.
There are two teams playing against each other.
On the one team is all the returning players.
And on the other team is a loved one to one of the returning players.
People will be like or disliked based on their loved one.
Last night the first person voted off was voted off solely based on the actions of her uncle 
on the other team. Should prove interesting.
I haven't picked a favorite yet.

Amazing Race Starts this Sunday. We like this show because of all the different places they visit all over the world. A few years ago, however, my best friend's daughter and her boyfriend were on the show.
So that made it even more fun to watch.
Sadly, they didn't win.


  1. Glad you're still posting. I thought of you today :)

    1. Thank you Lisa. I think of you often too!

  2. I stayed up last night to see who won, too. I think I'm glad Andy won. I was disappointed Elissa won the Viewer's Favorite. I wanted that to go to Judd.

    1. I think I am glad that Andy won as well. He seemed to be the lesser of evil. I voted for Elissa to win Viewer's Favorite!

  3. I have never watched big brother. I tried once, but didn't really understand. I used to watch survivor, but it got too mundane. I like the twist of the loved one being on the other team. I love Amazing Race. If there were ever a regular (non HGTV) reality show I would go on, that would be my pick. All those fun. My husband and I would definitely be one of the bickering ones. He is directionally challenged, but refuses to listen to me sometimes. ha!

  4. Out of the three, Amazing Grace is our favorite. If you and your husband were on Amazing Grace and bickering with each other, I would be sitting at home booing you. Ha! Ha!


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