Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Letters

It is that time again to look back on the week and write my little letters. Dear Brother: I will not let you bully me. End of story. Dear Kansas State Fair: Only 3 more days and you are gone for another year. You haven't bothered me much this year as I didn't get out as much as usual. Dear Richard: Please, please, please try to sleep at night; so that I can. Dear Darian and Harley: You are the best. I don't know where I would be physically or mentally without you. I love you both




  1. Ahh, there is something therapeutic about letters never sent.

  2. hey Paula , thanks for the invite. I have had some trouble with google of late and have needed to change to my back up email account which is Elody Wells is a character in one of my short stories. Only my google email has changed so my previous email is still open for business. Madness!!!!! Thanks for the invite, I thought I had lost you !!!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I am not in love with google right now either. I will change your email in my addy book!

  3. Darian and Harley are blessings. The OK state fair just left. I didn't get to go through any buildings this year. Oh well, I did get to see Disney on Ice.


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