Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogging September Style


My friend, Flora, who blogs at A Work in Progress, has encouraged me to do this blog challenge. And I am going to do it. I did the blogging challenge, Blog Everyday In May, which was also from the blog Story of My Life. And I enjoyed every single day of it. I need to get back into blogging and this is a good way to do it. So, thanks Flora for the encouragement.

Day One: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or other factors that make up who you are.

I was born in the early 1950's to a stay at home mom and a working dad. That was the normal way things were in the 1950's. But that is where normal ended for my family. My dad drank. A lot. And they fought. A lot. I was the middle child in a family of five. I had an older brother, then the twins (boy and girl), me, and a younger brother. My childhood memories are not all that bad. They just don't stand out as memorable.  I remember drinking. I remember fighting. And then it all came to a head when I was seven years old and my dad committed suicide. For two years it was just mom and five kids. And then she re-married. A man just like my dad. He drank. And they fought. And on and on. Until I got married and left home. My step-dad eventually stopped drinking. But alcohol played a big part in my life. I have brothers who drink. A lot. And some who have stopped. My sister hates drinking. And I am a social drinker. Alcohol shaped my life in many ways. Some of them I am still discovering.

Day Two: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Oh this is a dream, for sure. I would leave behind this mess of my current life. I would go someplace warm. Some place with a beach nearby. I would take a stack of books and magazines. I would bask in the sun and I would read. I would sleep. I would rejuvenate. And then I would come home and take over again.....a girl can dream.


  1. I'm so glad you joined us, Paula. Take a break if you get burned out.

    My family was haunted by alcohol and drugs. My siblings and I know how blessed we are to not have been plagued by either in our adulthood.

    You sure can dream, but I hope you do make it to the beach someday.

  2. I think I am more focused when I do blog challenges that have prompts. Ones that leave me to my own device, I am not that disciplined. I like doing the challenges though.

    1. I think that is so true. But, I just am not feeling this challenge. I don't know for sure what is wrong with me. Just not feeling it


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