Monday, August 5, 2013

Memory Monday

 I am participating in Memory Monday over at Sandy's

Grab an old picture and tell us all about it and link up at Sandy's

This picture was taken in probably early 1976.
The bigger boy is my oldest son, Danny.
He has on his dads hat.
Dad worked as a guard at our local prison.
That little guy is my youngest son Justin.
Check out that awesome panelling on the wall behind that UGLY sofa.
What was I thinking when I bought that thing. 
And that painting on the wall!!!
That is a real oil painting.
(hung way too high, by the way)
Wow have my tastes ever changed over the past 30 years or so.


  1. I love to see big hats on kids. I think it's so cute. I was in my early 20's when my grandmother taught me the proper placement for artwork on walls. I thought she was insane. I wanted mine higher on the walls. Now, I'm glad she taught me.

  2. You should see my furniture and pictures from the same time frame....awful! I wonder what people will think about our décor 40 years from now! :)

  3. it, we all thought those browns were awesome back then. Right you are how we change. Roll playing, wearing hats and clothes of those we care about when we're young...sweet memories.


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