Sunday, August 25, 2013

I am Strong

Good morning and welcome. If you have found me then I am happy that you are here. And to my friends....I have missed you. But I am strong. And I will carry on. I am writing this blog for my family to look back on and see what a crazy and wonderful life we had. This family is not perfect but we have each other's backs. Those who have my back know who you are! And those who don't, I am moving on. I love to write. And sometimes what I write isn't about the pretty things that go on in life. Life is full of the uglies too. But God has given me so much. And negative people bring me down. I am not going down without a fight. My plate is full and I don't need any more negativity. My husband is dying right before my very eyes. But today he is strong. Only God knows what tomorrow will bring. I cannot sugarcoat it any longer for anyone! And I am not going to. So jump in my wagon and follow along. Sometimes the ride will get bumpy!

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