Saturday, July 27, 2013

While Floating in the ocean..........

Once upon a time a guy and a gal were floating in a big ship in the ocean.

They had been a couple already for over 17 years! They had raised her two boys.
They had purchased a home. She had finished nursing school.

They were taking this wonderful trip with 5 other friends.
A good time was being had by all.
But the guy had a very serious question to ask of this gal.

Alone in their cabin, he got down on one knee and asked her to please, please, please
say 'yes' to the question he had asked so many times before.
(She already had the above ring)
He had given it to her a few years earlier.
She just wouldn't (couldn't) name a date.

But at the dining table that very evening they had an announcement to make.
The gal had finally said 'yes' and the month would be that coming August.

Champagne flowed freely and plans were being made. And that very year in August
I married by long time sweetheart!

Now tell me you favorite vacation memory. This one is MINE


  1. Awww! Such a lovely story! You are both lucky to be celebrating another anniversary this August! Happy Anniversary in advance.

    1. Yes we are.....It will be 17 years married now for a total of 34 years together in August

  2. How romantic. It pays to be persistent.

  3. What a great story. I'm teary just thinking about it. I am so happy (as I am sure Richard is) that you said yes.

    1. Yes he is. He thought that I never would. And I don't know why I thought having the ceremony would change things. It didn't!

    2. It never does. Now you just have a really cool piece of paper...haha

  4. Great, wonderful, touching story. We are lucky in our men, aren't we :)

    1. Your man does sound a lot like my man used to be. Yes, I feel very lucky!


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