Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award

    I love receiving awards! And today I received this award from two very special blogging friends. They are the blogging friends that I have known the longest. Boss Nurse, my friend over at Boss Nurse Speaks, and I share a common interest in our careers. And I think we have married the same man....who occupies different bodies in different generations. And Kwizgiver, my friend at What if this is as Good as it Gets, has given me  insight into what being a high school teacher is all about. I would feel honored to have her teach my grandchildren any day of the week. 

How this "One Lovely Blog Award" works:
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2. Share seven things about you

3. Pass the award on to seven nominees

4. Thank the person who nominated you and add a short blurb about them.

5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

I have shared so much about myself on this blog that I often wonder if there is anything that I have left out, but here goes:

  1. Today I am in a really foul mood. I am a nasty bitch when I am in a foul mood. I take it out on those around me and then I hate myself. Do you ever do that?
  2. I have never wanted to be the person 'in charge'. Not at work, not at home, not anywhere. I like having other people make the decisions.
  3. Now, I am in charge of EVERYTHING at my house. What would you like for dinner? We don't care. Just fix whatever you would like. Don't they see that I am sick of making decisions?
  4. My favorite candy bar used to be PAYDAY. But my teeth are so bad that I avoid eating peanuts altogether cause I don't want to go to the dentist. So now I eat 3 Musketeers.
  5. My husband's increasing dementia is driving me crazy. I thought I would handle things better than this.
  6. I love to ride my riding lawnmower. I am totally by myself when I am cutting grass.
  7. I shave my legs every single day. Have for years. 

Now for my seven nominees:

  1. Tammy at Havfaith Sunshine
  2. Lass at A Daft Scots Lass
  3. Elena at Elena's Lockets
  4. Eloquent at Eloquent Rambles
  5. Jasmine at The Happy Sloth
  6. Flora At A Work in Progress
  7. Nazreen at Penguin Peeks (a new reader)


  1. Congratulations on the award Paula. I'm quite nasty when I'm tired or hungry - and even worse when I'm both tired and hungry!

    1. Thanks for understanding. And add hot in there and I am unbearable.

  2. Congratulation on the ward and Thanks for nominating me, I'll be writing my blog up soon.

  3. Aww that you for the nomination!!
    One summer, I shaved my legs everyday but I guess I wasn't doing it quite right because I kept on getting ingrown hair :(

    1. Hmmmm....maybe it was the type of razor that you used.

  4. I'm not particularly crazy about making decision at home...however, when I'm at work, I want to be making all the decisions. I'm a very TypeA nurse that way!

    1. Not me! I like being in charge at work if you are given the backup that you need from the higher ups. That was never the case anywhere that I worked

  5. Thanx for nominating me for the blog award.

  6. Congratulations on the award. I need to fill mine out. I am also a nasty bitch when I am in a foul mood. That was very evident today. Being the decision maker all the time sucks!! I am one of those people who like to take charge though. I hate going to the dentist. I love using my mom's riding lawn mower. My yard is not big enough to warrant one, but I do love mowing the lawn. I just get to think by myself and zen out. I am lucky if I remember to shave my legs once a week, let alone every day. But, in my defense, my leg hair doesn't grow very fast and it's sporadic. My right leg grows faster than my left leg though...lol

    1. I loved how you answered this post. Was fun to learn more about you

    2. Paula, I love learning about you too. One of these days we are going to learn more about each other face to face.


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