Friday, July 19, 2013

My Worst Date

July 20, 2013

Write about worst/best date you have ever been on

My worst date!
I don't really know if the date itself was all that bad. 
In fact I cannot even really remember the date at all.
I didn't know this boy all that well.
His name was Marty.
I wonder if it was short for Martin.
Beats me.
He had a car much like the one in the picture above.
We called them 'muscle cars.'
I was staying with my aunt for the weekend and this guy was a friend of my cousin's.
My cousin had arranged the date for us.
What makes this the worst date ever?
When we got back to my aunt's house it looked as if everyone had already gone to bed.
I was sure that they weren't really in bed.
But the house was dark.
As Marty and I sat in his car in front of my aunt's house suddenly the front porch light came on.
And went off.
And came on.
Oh my God, I remember thinking, they are signaling me to come in.
I was so embarrassed.
It was my dear Uncle Gene. And he wanted me in the house.
And not making out with some nice young man in his muscle car in front of the house.
(not that WE were making out)
Off and and continued.
So Marty walked me to the door.
And ran back to his car.
I never saw this guy again.
Although I might have wanted a second date.
I was TOO embarrassed.
Thanks Uncle Gene!

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  1. Must have been a standard for adults back in the day, I too remember flashing lights.
    There's a nip in the air

  2. If I remember correctly that was the signal to stop making out in the car :)

    1. Ha! Ha! I think that my Uncle was trying to prevent the making out!

  3. haha! oh my. i think my folks still do it to this day. hey, stop it. yet they want grandkids?? hmmm, how is that going to happen?

  4. I always hated the light flicking too.... only my mom did it when it was time to come in -- even when we were kids. That was the signal to get in the house NOW!

    I love muscle cars! :)

    1. My mom whistled..loud...and we better come running

  5. CRAP, I just realized I'd submitted this twice (sorry)


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