Friday, July 5, 2013

My 15 minutes of Fame

July 6

If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity who would it be and why?

If I could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity it would be with these ladies.
And it wouldn't be because I would find them to be enjoyable company.
But I would like to spend my 15 minutes with them getting to say my piece.
This used to be a favorite show of mine.
But NOT anymore.
Barbara Walters has always been obnoxious, as far as I am concerned. 
And she is so full of herself.
And so judgmental when she did not live a very good life herself.
But lately I have found her to be so rude to her guests (people she has invited to be on her show) that I just cannot any longer stand her.
At all.
It is past time for retirement. And I won't miss you Barbara.
Joy Behar is a comedian that I USED to think was funny.
But NOT anymore.
She is so rude. And prejudiced. And calling other women bitches all the time.
And then tries to defend it by saying it is a term of endearment.
I don't want want anyone to call me a bitch!
I am glad that she has resigned also.
I won't miss her.
At all.
Whoopi Goldberg is an actress and a comedian.
But she is not in the least funny.
(in my opinion)
She is so racist against white people.
And so full of herself.
And admitting that she is a marijuana smoking women appalls me even more.
I am a law abiding citizen.
I don't like those who blantly ignore the laws of our land and flaunt it.
(although I don't think the laws in New York are the same as the law in Kansas)
And I am sick of her take on the President.
He isn't a great President, just because he is black.
He needs to do something for this country to be called a great president.
And in my opinion, I haven't seen that he has done anything for this country.
I won't watch anything, ever again, that stars Whoopi Goldberg.
At all.
Sherri Shepard is a comedian. And she is pretty prejudiced too. And she is dumber than a door knob.
And she hasn't ever said anything smart as far as I am concerned.
And most recently her tirades against Paula Deen have made me ashamed she is a woman.
Or an American. Or Christian.
She has admitted to having had 'many abortions' yet she can throw stones at someone who used the big, bad "N" word 30 years ago. Sherri, it doesn't make you judge and jury. 
So shut the hell up. 
You make me sick.
I don't like you.
At all.
Last, but by no means least, is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. A nobody before the View.
She was a contestant on Survivor.
And I loved her.
And she joined the View.
And has allowed them to make her look horrible.
She must be the bad cop in 'good cop, bad cop'.
She must be the person needed to make a comedian look better.
She has sold herself and her beliefs to the Barbara Walters show.
She needs to tell them all off and walk off the show.
She is better than any of them. But I just don't like this show anymore.
At all. 

Okay, now I have ranted long enough. I won't be watching The View anymore.
It is another one of those shows that in my opinion makes women look bad.
It continues the race issues by allowing the blacks on the shows to demonize white people.
It makes abortion looks like a form of birth control. 
It glamorizes marijuna use.
It makes rudeness to ones guests seem okay.
I am DONE!

(P.S. I hope that I have not offended anyone. I am the furthest thing from a racist you will ever see. I just think racism goes both ways.)

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  1. I'm no fan of that show, either. I think they've all been on it so long they forget they are comedians/personalities and think they are experts. On everything.

  2. I watched the show once or twice and it made me very uncomfortable(horrible right?) it did not entertain me one bit.

    Sad group of women who were very preachy and not in a good way!

    They open their mouths and there's not a lot of positive or good coming out.

    PS btw I had a malfunction with the linky and I came up twice (I hadn't finished my first cup of coffee),feel free to delete one of my posts if you'd like!

    1. That is why I quit watching. I will take care of the linky for you! I am so glad you are posting with us Jen

  3. I've never watched. I feel people think they can say anything and don't need to be held accountable, though. And it sounds like these ladies do just that.

  4. I absolutely loath that show, it's basically watching a bunch of women bicker at each other. They make me embarrassed, it's like, thank you for spreading the stereotype that women are narrow minded, irrational airheads who argue points without any back up evidence.

    1. When the show first started it wasn't like it is today. They had topics that women had opinions on and they shared their View. But the shows today are pathetic!

  5. I've never chosen to watch the show, it's been on when I couldn't escape it like waiting for my car to be finished for an oil change or something. I've always like Barbara Walters when she did interviews before the show, loved Whoppi in movies. The yelling at each other, being famous doesn't mean you need to throw you opinion at me. I didn't know the one was from survivor...another show I can't stand, but the few minutes I was forced to watch she was pretty nasty...hard to say which one of them is the worst, they seem to want to trump each other. Surprised it's been on the air so long.

    Paul Newman is a Nice Man

    1. Everyone has an opinion don't they? I love Survivor! It is my escape from reality. I have never loved Barbara Walters. She has done some of the most pitiful interviews I have ever seen. Her main goal is to see if she can make the celeb cry.

  6. I cannot stand that show. I loved Elizabeth when she was on Survivor. I have only watched it once or twice but have read many articles on what trash and filth come out of these women's mouth. I do not think they are funny or witty or clever. I am wondering about that new show called The Dish though. It is the same concept except it has Mario Batalli (a successful chef from Food Network and owns several restaurants).

    1. I loved Elisabeth on Survivor as well. I still like her. But I feel sorry for her. I think she is so over-ridden by the rest of them and sometimes I think she has to go along with them just to get along with them. I wish she would just quit and tell the world about her experience. I haven't watched the Dish

    2. I agree. She is so much better than those others. They are just dragging her down. They cast her in that specific spot because Barbra knew that she had other really strong same minded individuals and she needed someone who appeared weak to be the fall person. I don't know if the Dish has started airing yet. I may watch it once or twice and then switch back to HGTV in the mornings. haha

    3. You are right She is the fall guy! I searched for that word LOL

  7. Hey Paula I keep meaning to ask you, how do you get the reply thingy in your comment area...I like how it's conversational..back and forth? I don't see an option when I look at my settings on the blog?

    I was thinking more of when Barbara did interviews of heads of state, thought she was good at that. I never really watched her do a celeb one...I dislike so many celebs, so many are so trashy.

    1. I didn't like her heads of state interviews either. It always seemed she was 'sucking' up to them or 'flirting' with them. I guess I just don't like her at all. I don't know how I get that reply thing. Just the way it has been I will have to go study on it

  8. AMEN! I'm reading through your post, just shaking my head in agreement. You know that happens a lot. They pick up some "famous" person and next thing you know they're an expert in the field, spouting off their advice. I've wondered if I was the only one that noticed. I also DETEST people that "stir the pot" and this crew is so good at it! So you go right ahead and blast them-I'm in your corner! :-)

    1. Thanks Trin! Blasting them is what I did!

  9. i like the girls of the view. wish they would go back to the original ladies!

    1. I respect your opinion. But I respectfully continue to disagree! However, I do think the originals were better. Somewhat! They still had Barbara Walters however.

  10. If I could reach through this screen to give you a high-five I SO WOULD! I have the EXACT SAME OPINIONS OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!

  11. So I gather you don't like those women. :-) I've never watched The View. I'm glad I'm not missing out on anything. I watched Barbara Walters many years ago on 20/20 but haven't seen her on anything in recent years. Whoopi either. I don't know anything about the others. The way I see it is they all have to live with themselves and what they say or do.

  12. I don't know much about The View - never watched more than 20 seconds - long enough to get the channel changed. Doesn't sound like I would like it.

    Well if I could 15 minutes with a celebrity, I would be President Obama. And here is where I part company with the rest of the blog world it appears.

    I find the man charming, intelligent and an excellent representation of what our county stands for. He has not led us into more war (like our previous president), he has command of the issues and speaks well (all of which our previous president did not) and we are in a better place than we were when he took office. It took 8 years for us to fall into our deep hole. It will take at least that long to climb out. I do not always agree with his political views but that can be said of almost every president we have had - you can't please everyone. I don't think Obama is a "great" president - but he is not the "evil overlord" that I read so often in other blogs. And if he had a congress that would set aside their party banners for just one day - things might be very different. Sometimes I think the whole system is broken - not just this one man.

    Ok, off my soap box. Hope I didn't offend any of your readers - just answering the question and providing an opposing view on an individual who, in my opinion, is not view realistically or fairly in blog land.

  13. I don't care for the View either. None of those woman are experts in politics or business or morality, or anything really, but they spend an hour sharing their views as though they know more than the rest of us. Behar is the worst, I think. She is a bitter woman. Hasselbeck is leaving as well...I think she's getting her own show? Anyhoo...maybe the show will end soon. It's not representative of most woman.


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