Sunday, July 14, 2013

Knitting Memories from the Past

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I am not sure of the exact year this picture was taken.
It is my mom, my brothers, my sister and me.
I think I was somewhere around the age of 15 or so.
I am in the back between two brothers.
What makes this picture interesting?
And memorable?
My mom knit all the sweaters we are wearing. 
Each one was a completely different look.
A different pattern.
A different yarn.
My sweater was knit on what was called broomstick needles.
It was a loose knit.
I always wore a tank top under it.
The brother to my right and the sister standing in front of him are twins.
Fraternal of course.


  1. I notice that your mom isn't wearing something she knit - for herself! A typical "unselfish mom" thing to do.

    And being a knitter myself, I really enjoyed this picture.


    1. And I can't recall that she EVER knit anything for herself to wear...

  2. WOW....that's really awesome. I love the old photo, and all those sweaters, your Mom was quite talented. I also had to smile at your hair do....even if we didn't know we were the same age...we could tell our styles, fads etc of the times..except I always had to really work to get my hair that smooth, I had the dreaded (back then,not now) natural curly hair.

    1. My mom was the most talented woman I ever knew! My hair was stick straight so it wasn't hard to wear it like that. And I pined for curly hair, which is what my sister had.

  3. I love it! My mother used to sew my clothes when I was a child. My grandmother did the same for her. Then when my son was growing up, my mother made all his Halloween costumes custom. He was an amazing looking Power Ranger, lol. Now I am a grandmother and I am passing on the tradition. I love to look back at all the time and energy my mother put into making things for us. I can't wait to see my granddaughter wearing a dress that her Great Great Grandmother sewed for her grandmother. Keeping traditions alive is so important.

    1. Yes it is. Unfortunately I don't make anything in the clothing department


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