Monday, July 22, 2013

An Only Son...until

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I love this old picture of Richard's family.
I will guesstimate the year at 1946
I love those ladies hair-do's!
Oh my.
Richard was the only son......until sometime that same year as this picture was taken.
When surprise, surprise!
Along came another baby boy
His mom often talked about that. I don't think she was really happy.
She thought it was menopause.

Richard looks a lot like his dad now!
His dad also had Parkinson's disease.
Cool picture, huh.
What do you have to share with us?


  1. Awesome old picture, I truly enjoy seeing the older photo's, they have a whole different feel to me then modern day ones do. I think I would have been less then happy as've got an almost grown family and then a baby...lots of work, but good work too.

    1. Yeah, I would have not been a happy mom to find out I am pregnant when my baby is 14!!

  2. I like to hear the story behind old photos. My grandmother had her 5th and 6th children after my mother was 21. She was in her mid-forties.

  3. Love old photographs, especially if there is a story with it.

    My parents had my sister while they were still young, and then 4 years later a son. That was what they planned and were very happy with their 2 children family. Then 8 years later they had a surprise, and my brother was born. And then another 8 years later my Mom also thought menopause was starting but she had me. 20 year difference between me and my sister. They loved having a kid so late and I was very spoilt, not only from them but also from the siblings. Not really spoilt so much, but I was allowed to do a lot more than any of the siblings, because they weren't very strict with me.

    1. I guess that is just how it was back in those days....birth control was unheard of yet and I don't think women really understood their cycles back then

  4. I love those dresses and that hair. I love looking at old pictures especially with stories behind them. Poor mom, thinking it's menopause and instead having to start all over. How old were the kids here?

    1. I would venture to bet those dresses were homemade. I think that Richard was about 14, his sisters then would have been 18 and 20. The sister on the very end was married and also pregnant with her first baby at the same time Mom was having baby number four. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  5. great pics. I love the old black and whites. :-)


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