Tuesday, June 25, 2013

These two Fascinate Me

Day Twenty-Five

Someone who fascinates you and why

     This blog challenge started out twenty-five days ago with some really heavy subjects. We all made it through those and now we are nearing the end with some more fun things to write about. This one has made me stop and think about who out there fascinates me and why. I have quite a few people who fascinate me. In fact, in general, I am fascinated by most people. I am a people watcher and for a variety of reasons I will find someone to be interesting and fascinating.

      But there are two people in my life who I am particularly fascinated with. And they are two of my grandchildren. Darian and Harley, this post is about you and for you.
Harley 2000

Darian 1998
      I have found both of you to be fascinating since the day that you were each born. Such tiny little creatures that managed to make their way into this mean, old world. Born into a difficult situation. Both of you so blonde. And so chubby. I loved to hold you in my arms and rock you and hold your bottle. I loved to feel your chubby little arms around my neck. I loved to look into your eyes.

   As time went on , you became toddlers, I found it fascinating to watch you grow. I loved to see how interested you were in the world around you. Darian, you were always interested in how things ran. Cars and motorcycles fascinated you. And you fascinated me! Harley, I can't remember a time when you weren't interested in babies and all things for babies. Whether that meant your own baby dolls or someone's real live baby, you were fascinated. And I was fascinated by you!

     And then you came to live with us. The first time. Darian, you were barely 4. And Harley you were only 2. You went to pre-school during this short time with granny and Papa. Your little personalities became fascinating to me. Darian,
you were such a sweetheart and all the teachers fell in love with you. You knew then how to wrap a lady around your tiny little finger. And Harley...what can I say? I remember how that little personality of yours came out. You wanted what you wanted, when you wanted it. I have a stack of notes written by a pre-school teacher that I will happily share with you (and your kids) someday. You were a hand full. And you let the world know that you were around. And that you had an opinion. But even then, I found you to be fascinating.

     Both of you continued to fascinate me with your desire to learn about your environment. Things were really tough for you at home. But Darian you always took care of your little sister. Harley, he always had your back. He was always there to listen. He was always there to console you. And he fought all of your battles for you. Even way back then. Do you remember the fight he got into on the play ground because some big boy said something mean to you? And he got a bloody nose! And he got into trouble? But he was looking out for you, even way back then. I have always been fascinated by how close you two are. How you always want to know that the other one is 'okay'. I have often said that I don't know how you two would have survived some of those horrible first years if you had not had each other.
     And now you have entered the teen years. Your life isn't as horrible as it used to be. You have stability. You have US. But you still have each other. And I am still fascinated by the closeness of your relationship. Sometimes Harley annoys you, Darian, but you won't let anyone say anything bad about her. You won't let anyone be mean to her. And Harley, even when you are belly-aching about how much Darian bugs you, if he is not at home you miss him. It is like part of you is gone. You two complete each other. I don't think you yet realize how unusual your relationship is, but you will someday. And I will continue to find you both fascinating. 



June Photo A Day Challenge


Both of these kids are Sharp!!


  1. This post brings tears to my eyes. These two sound amazing....so resilient and strong! I agree that they definitely share something special...a unique bond...perhaps because they had to depend on one another during those early years? I imagine these two will remain close their entire lives. Thank you for sharing your grand "babies" with us!

  2. Your grandchildren are lovely! They're lucky to have each other, lucky to have you and you're lucky to have them. May God bless you and your family more!

    1. You are right! We are all lucky to be so blessed!

  3. Adorable pictures and such a sweet story. I do hope they realize their special bond. They're obviously growing up in a loving environment. No wonder you're so proud and fascinated.
    Mom You Fascinate Me

  4. I had a hard time choosing for today, too. I'm like you--an observer who frequently is fascinated by others.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you They ARE cute kids and Good kids too!

  6. They are awesome. I am so glad you have them in your life. You are a special woman Paula!! I am so glad to call you friend.

    1. I am happy to call you my friend too! And I AM glad they are in my life

  7. I TRULY LOVE THIS POST!!!!! They will so appreciate this one in their later years... <3 that you documented this...and I love the way you wrote it!

    1. Thanks April. Right now they don't read my blog (that I know of) and I wouldn't want them to see this, cause you know how cocky teens can get. But someday I want them to know what they meant to me!


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