Friday, June 28, 2013

My Goals for the next thirty days!

Day Twenty-Nine

Goals for the next thirty days

Today I shall pass this prompt by
For too soon it will be July
Doing another challenge will be fun
And I will answer this on day one.

Okay, Okay so I am not a poet. But talking about my monthly goals is the first prompt of the 

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June Photo a Day Challenge

in your bag

 I don't carry a bag but I splurged on this little Vera Bradley wristlet that carries all I need and has the pocket on the front for my cell phone. So I just need to grab this and my keys and out the door I go.


  1. I thought you little poem was cute. Wow, can't believe the month is almost over, where does our time go?

    1. Thanks Sandy....time seems to move really fast these days! My mother warned me of this

  2. Very cute wallet! I also only carry something small. I don't carry a purse, too bulky and I lose stuff in it. I'm ready for the next challenge.

    1. I don't like purses either. I carry one so rarely that when I do carry one I usually end up leaving it somewhere

  3. Love the colors of your wristlet! And I can't believe the month is over!!! Holy moly!

  4. loved the poem! and the wallet! :)


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