Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's Talk About the Relationship

Today is the first day of the June Blogging Challenge. I am hoping to be able to post a button for us to use. And might even figure out the linky thing. Who knows. But for today, let's discuss our relationships

Day One

Discuss your current relationship

     I think that anyone who has read my blog knows the story of my husband Richard. We have been in some kind of a relationship for over 37 years. When I first met him he was married to another person and so was I. He was the treasurer for a semi-pro baseball team in our small town. He hired me to work for him in managing the concession stand. That first summer I was a very young 24 year old mother to my one son, who at this time was 4 years old. I needed a job! And this seemed like the perfect one for the summertime. I didn't much care for this dude who was the boss. I thought he was over-confident and cocky! But I worked that summer and had a lot of fun.

     The next summer Richard once again called to see if I wanted to work at the concession stand. I told him that I would like to, but that I was about 6 months pregnant. He said that didn't bother him if I was able to do the job. So I once again worked at the ball park. It was hot. It was harder. But I enjoyed doing it. Unfortunately in October of that year I gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. Richard sent flowers and came to the funeral (along with his wife). I thought that was so sweet. I still didn't really like him all that much.

     Then came the next summer. He called me again. And again I told him I would work for him. If he didn't mind that once again I was pregnant. Just as far along as I had been last summer. With a big sigh, he said that the job was mine if I wanted it. This time in October I gave birth to my youngest son. All was well with the world again.

    Another summer came and I once again received the same phone call. But this time the call started with: "you aren't pregnant, are you?" I laughed and accepted the job once again. Apparently he thought I was moody and hard to get along with while pregnant. So without further ado, that is how the beginning of our relationship was. He was the BOSS and I was the on and off again pregnant worker.

     When my youngest son was past two years old, Richard stopped by our house one day on his way home from work. He wanted us to know that he and his wife were divorcing. It was a funny thing because my husband and I were already separated. Crazy how that happened. Richard asked if he could take the boys to McDonald's for a Happy Meal. He didn't have any kids of his own and he really liked these two little boys. And they really liked him. So this was the beginning.......He took them to the circus. He brought them little presents from his business trips. He took them on their first plane ride. And one day he asked their mamma to come along with them. I knew he was 18 years my senior but he was so good to my kids. And eventually he wanted to take care of the three of us. No one had ever really TAKEN care of us. One thing led to another and the year that my youngest turned 4 we moved into his house. We raised my boys together. We bought cars together. He helped me get through nursing school. Somewhere along the way I learned to love him. And he was crazy in love with me and my boys. We eventually bought our current home together.
     And then in August 1996 after he had talked and talked and talked, to get me to agree to marry him, I finally said yes. And like they say.................THE REST is HISTORY.


  1. Aw this is lovely, 37 years is such a long time! I hope I get there :)

  2. Aww Richard sounds like a sweet man!
    Btw, I joined in on the fun (aka the challenge)!

    1. He can be! But then again, he is a HUSBAND

  3. Oh, I really enjoyed reading your story. I am sorry for your loss of the baby, but glad you've built such a wonderful life. Sometimes people don't bounce back well after that. Congrats to you and to The Boss.
    June Blog Challenge

    1. My EX and I did not bounce back at all after that. We divorced!


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