Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Wanna Go Home....

Day Thirteen

Someplace you'd like to move or visit

(you know I live in Kansas)
I have been to a lot of places.
I have visited Australia, Thailand, Viet Nam.
I have been to Venezuela, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands.
And many other places
I have been all over the United States.
I have been to Canada. 
I now just want to stay home.
Home is where my heart is.
Home is where my family lives.
Home is where I am best. 

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June Photo a Day Challenge


Dirty dishes all over the counter. That is why I am just showing you a peek!
Got to clean the kitchen before I head to bed 


  1. I agree. Home is where my family is. Your cups are like the ones we drink out of. I haven't drank out of a glass at home in years (probably pre-Elexis).

    1. I hardly ever drink out of anything but a Pepsi can or a water bottle. Those cups are things the kiddos have drank their milk out of. I drink coffee from a ceramic mug.

  2. Wow you have been to so many places! Good for you!

  3. I love home... I guess it's easier to WANT to be there when you've experienced a lot of other places. Half my heart belongs in Colorado...the rest is where my kiddos are.


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