Monday, June 17, 2013

I Believe....

Day Eighteen

Your Beliefs

    1. I believe in love!

    2. I believe in Hard Work

    3. I believe in helping myself

        4. I believe in the truth...honesty

        5. I believe in GOD

        6.  I believe in second chances

        7. I believe that modesty IS a virtue 

        8. I believe that life IS hard

        9. I believe that life IS NOT fair

        10. I believe that you only get out of it what you put into it. 

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          June Photo a Day Challenge


          The street in front of my house


          1. What a beautiful post - I share quite a few of your beliefs.

          2. A great list of wonderful beliefs. All the prayer in the world does not do squat unless you jump in and get dirty. Nothing for nothing. Laughter is so important. I like you xx

          3. I love how green your street is! Pretty!

            And your beliefs will find their way to my Pinterest.

            1. Thanks Allison. We are really green this year. Had a bit of rain so far. But then again it is not yet July

          4. What a great list!
            You're a good hearted person Paula :)

          5. Dang, I got off on my days and really wanted to do this day. I've already posted for the day but If I get time I may just post again. Or I guess I could always post it tomorrow and link. But I like tomorrows theme as well. Ugh.

          6. I love your post!! I love all the meme's to go with them. Your street looks so inviting. It's so pretty and green and shady. I really like #9's saying. I so agree with it.

          7. I am trying to believe in myself and all these things as well

          8. Nice list, agree with you on many of them. And I belief...I actually might get caught up, lol.
            I Belief it's Wednesday

          9. I like these pics!!! I love your list... we have a lot of parallels! :) I'm trying to do my entries before reading anyone else's so my answers aren't it's more fun to see when you have a kindred spirit out there in the blogosphere!

            1. That is why I post mine so early the evening before!


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