Sunday, June 9, 2013

How This Week's Meal Plan Worked with Real Life

On Sunday evening Darian and Harley attended movie night at the church so Richard and I took this opportunity to have ourselves some KFC. We had their chicken fried steak dinners. I am sorry to report they really were not that great! The meat was over-cooked.

Monday night we DID have the Baked Pasta with  Cauliflower and cheese. I am here to tell you that this was delish! It made a huge casserole and it disappeared in a couple days. Even the kids LOVED it! Is was yummy. You have to try this recipe!

Tuesday I put a roast in the crock pot early, early and we made the Italian Beef sandwiches on Hoagies. Another delicious meal. Another big hit with the family. Even Richard really, really liked them. I chopped his beef up fine and covered all of our sandwiches with shredded mozzarella cheese melted under the broiler.

Wednesday night I had a meal planned but a very dear friend of ours from the church had text me yesterday and asked if she could bring dinner to us tonight. She has done this periodically and it is such a nice gesture. Who can turn down a meal that is fantastic and you didn't have to cook it. So we ate Spaghetti Pie, a wonderful corn and broccoli casserole, fruit salad and a lemon supreme pie. I love you Amy!!

Thursday was a 'clean up the left-over day'. We have to have these once in awhile just to make sure we get every morsel of all this great food that I am making. Usually the kids aren't too crazy about left-overs, but this week the food was great so I didn't hear many complaints.

Friday Darian left for church camp. He is at Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks. We strayed from the menu and made sandwiches. Sometimes I have a hard time making meals if there is a member of the family gone. Do you have that problem?

Saturday Justin came for the weekend. Harley and I spent the day working outside. Cleaning up the winter mess and making the yard look good for summer. I am a bit behind in this but it was such a beautiful day and Richard enjoyed sitting outside in the shade watching. I made the Italian Chicken and Rice that was planned for Thursday. This was another GREAT casserole. Will go on my 'fix this again' list.

Sunday we had chili dogs just as planned. But we toasted some tater tots instead of potato chips. Richard wasn't feeling great so he ate little. This is one of Harley's favorite meals. Darian will be home tomorrow. We have missed him. Hope your weekend was a good one. 


  1. I haven't been impressed with KFC lately but it's more their prices than anything. We tend to eat out quite a bit when the kids aren't home too. It's not really worth cooking for 2.

    Although right now, with all the little league games, we tend to eat quick sandwiches a couple nights a week.

    1. Hey Jeff, good to see you! KFC's prices are high, but then isn't anywhere?

  2. I love when people include links to their recipes. :) I'm gonna check them out! :)

    I make an Italian roastbeef similar to that. Mine is just a pot roast, a bottle of Italian dressing (I like Robusto Italian), a package of Italian dressing mix and a package of au jus sauce mix. Cook on low, shred with forks, top with mozzarella cheese and BAM... nom nom nom!

    1. That does sound good. And EASY. I like Easy


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