Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Disrespecting parents

     It seems to me like we are living in a culture where kids are often disrespectful, cruel, and nasty. This type of behavior has become glorified in TV, movies, music. I think the kids think it is cool. And I have seen a generation of parents who are much more interested in being a friend to their kids, so it is not COOL to discipline them. They believe that their kids have these rights. That kids should be treated as adults. This is the furthest thing from the truth, in my opinion. Children should be treated like children. They need to earn respect and they need to give respect. They need to be taught that is is not cute to talk back, argue, yell, ignore you or simply be disrespectful. And if it is not taught at home, I can guarantee you, they are NOT learning it.

     Kids have got to learn how to function in the real world. They will not get by with talking back or rolling their eyes at their future bosses. They can't yell at their teachers (or they shouldn't). If they get pulled over by a cop, talking back or disrespecting them is only going to lead to more problems. It is up to us parents to teach these kids how life is going to treat them. And it starts at home. Ask my grand kids what talking back, eye-rolling or arguing gets them. It is up to us adults to set the limits! What is your thoughts?

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  1. I am single mother raising three boys and I totally agree with you, respect and dicipline is something that needs to be enforced in more children. I love the fact that my boys get complimented on their manners and respect because I feel as though I am winning as a mother :).

    1. Good for you. I often hear good things about my grandkids too! I am strict but it pays off in the long run

  2. Respect is learned. Give it and you'll get it. It bothers me when I see a parent whose kid is snotty and they reprimand the kid using similar behavior.

    What's the lesson learned there? How can you tell your child to do one thing when you're doing it yourself?

    What bothered me especially when raising my kids was "the last word" thing. My stepson was horrible with this!! He always felt after some type of disciplining that he had to have the last word.

    Drove me nuts!! There was always some remark, excuse, complaint. When our discussion was over that was it- the end. If when he was walking away he made comments under his breath or directly challenged our authority over him we added days or took away additional privileges.

    1. My grand daughter does the same thing. But I NEVER let her get away with it. Push-ups and sits ups at our house are good 'behavior changers'

  3. You are only about 2000% on the mark with this post. Being a good parent is a 24 x 7 job, and it's often not pleasant; if you want to be your child's friend, who's going to parent them? They have friends, they need parents to be parents. I think parents take the easy way out. If you ground someone...and they're young, you need to be home to keep them grounded, and when you'd rather go out with your friends for me time...it's not getting done.

    WOOT Woot, I am caught up!

    1. I don't understand parents who want to be their child's friend. I don't even care if mine like me. But they WILL not disrespect me.

  4. I agree.
    Manners, respect and consequences must be taught in the home. Boundaries need to be set and love needs to be unconditional.
    So many kids are in trouble these days thanks to parents who wanted to be friends. I never approached childrearing that way. kids are kids x

  5. I think your kids, before they do something stupid, should think, what if my dad/mom finds out. In order for them to go through that thought process, they need to fear the consequences. I think it's healthy for kids to fear their parents to a degree. My kids have been taught there are consequences for every choice, sometimes those consequences are being grounded, sometimes worse.

    I'm very laid back, and I've been told more than once that they are surprised how disciplined I am with my kids. The reason I give everyone is a lot like you said above. I see teenagers back talking their parents all the time and there is no way in hell I will tolerate mine to do so. My daughter and I witnessed that a few days ago at Walmart, I looked at her and told her I don't care if your 11 or 18, if you ever talk to me like that, you will get punished.


  6. I *do* like to teach my children that their voice and opinions matter and deserve to be heard.... but they ARE still treated like children.

    I hate the teenage stage of trying to negotiate EVERYTHING... it drives.me.bat.shit.crazy!!!!@#$!$!#@


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