Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Day of Lust

Day Twenty-Three

Five famous guys you find attractive

President Bill Clinton

David Caruso-Lt. Horatio Caine CSI Miami

Chris Noth-Peter Florrick The Good Wife

Tom Selleck-Magnum PI or Frank Reagan  Blue Bloods

Maurice Benard-Sonny Corinthos of General Hospital

I saved the best for last....I have lusted for this man for many a year now.
Love the gangster type as well as the cop type I guess.

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My last project
A tee shirt scarf


  1. Haha, Chris Noth and Tom Selleck definitely!

  2. Yum Yum Yum! I love me some Tom Selleck. My grandma and I used to watch Magnum PI and comment on how gorgeous he was. I was 7 at the T-shirt scarf looks awesome. You are so talented.

    1. I am not very talented at all Cristy! Just a project that I tried I laughed at your being 7 and watching Magnum PI

  3. We've got one in common...I've actually never heard of your #5, he doesn't look familiar to me either, was he in anything but General Hospital? Thought I might know him from something else if he looked different or something.
    Attractive Men

  4. Tom Selleck -- yeah, I used to drool over him, too! There was a guy that was on a TV show called "Hotel".... He was yummalicious, too!

    Chris North -- Big from Sex and the City... mrow!

    I can't look at Bill Clinton without thinking -- yeah, typical guy, just wants to get off... LOL...

    1. Typical guy but I still think he is a handsome dude!

  5. I'm so with ya on tom selleck! Have loved him since Magnum days!


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