Sunday, May 5, 2013

How My Meal Plan Worked with REAL Life

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I am going to continue with telling you how my meal plan worked with real life. This is my second post in this new series. You can read the first post here! There really wasn't much going on here at our house this week. But sometimes the best laid plans just go awry. And I haven't even gotten around to planning this next weeks meals.

On Sunday only Richard and I were at home. Harley went to a friends house and Darian had a wrestling practice. So it wasn't hard for Richard and I to stick to the plan. We really had corn dogs (cooked in the microwave) and shared a can of Campbell's tomato soup. Can't get much simpler than that.

On Monday I did get around to making the swiss steak that was on our menu for a couple of times now. And it was so good. I put the meat into the crock pot before going to bed on Sunday night and cooked it all night. Then got up and added all the fixing's according to the recipe in the morning. It was so yummy good. Liked by all, including Richard. And that is hard to do anymore.

On Tuesday I did make the Chicken Enchilada soup. I put the chicken into the crockpot before I went to bed on Monday night (I do that a lot) and then added the remainder of the ingrediants on Tuesday. This time I used mild enchilada sauce and only used tomatoes without the chilies. I didn't think it tasted as good as when I spiced it up some. But the spicy food bother Richard so we just added salsa at the table. This soup is really yummy! You should all try it.
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On Wednesday, the kids always eat at church. Richard and I went to Hog Wild Bar-B-Q. He got a pulled pork sandwich and baked beans and I had a rib dinner. Oh my goodness this was mouth-watering good.

Thursday was our last day of school here. We passed a bond issue this year that is allowing quite a lot of work on the area schools. So they added 20 minutes to our school day and this put us out of school on May 2 and we don't go back until after Labor Day. You might hear some grumblings about this on my blog. This was the day that my plan went out the window. We took a drive after the kids got home from school and we came home with Wendy's hamburgers, fries, and shakes for supper. I am sure it wasn't nearly as good as the angel chicken I had planned.

Friday is the day that Justin and Paige come. We had Chicken Cordon Blue with cheesy potatoes and steamed broccoli. Green bean soup was on the menu but we just didn't have that due to eating a lot of soup already this week.

Saturday we decided that we were going to NOT make pizza at home. Instead we brought tacos and burritos home from Taco Bell. I hate it when we eat out three times in one week. Cost too much money and is not nearly as good as home cooked food. But I feel so lazy with this dull rainy weather we are having.

Sunday we were all back on board with the menu plan. I made a beautiful crock-pot full of Beef stew. We love soups and stews at our house and since the weather is not turning warm here in Kansas we have really been enjoying eating soups still.

So there you go....I didn't stick to the plan very well this week.

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  1. oh I should really try this approach of planning my meals for the week... let me start next week!

    1. It has worked for me for awhile now Nina. You should try it

  2. I love meal planning. Tonight we are having Terriyaki pork roast. I am excited. I have gotten to where I don't like to eat out anymore because of the time wasted waiting and money. We eat out on Wednesday just because we don't get home until about 9 at night so it's easier. Ugh...I don't think I would like my daughter to get out of school that early. Our last day is May 21. I am looking forward to sleeping in a little.

    1. It works for us. Eating out with 2 teenagers is so expensive!

  3. Sometimes you just have to have that fast food :) Believe me, I know, LOL!

    1. That is so true! That is why we go out on Wednesdays after we drop the kids off at church. Well we just get take-out and go home to eat it. Too hard to get Richard in and out of the car that many times!

  4. It's a worthy goal! I don't think I could manage that though... although my backup plan is at least an organic TV dinner. :)


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