Saturday, April 6, 2013

This is how it feels to ride a roller coaster

English: Roller coaster in Xetululu, Guatemala
English: Roller coaster in Xetululu, Guatemala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been saying this for some time! Going through this illness thing with my husband is much like riding a roller coaster. We have days where we are just riding along smoothly. And then we round a gentle curve. And the climb begins. It is chug, chug, chug, slowly to the top. During this time he feels pretty good. He is eating good. He is sleeping good. There is no pain and not much coughing. He spends most of the day awake and talkative. It is easy, for the most part, to forget that he is sick.
We sit at the top of the climb for awhile. It might be hours and it might be days.
Then we can quickly roar down; all the way down to the bottom. He might sleep all day. He might cough all day. He might not breathe good. He may not eat at all. Maybe he won't bear any weight now. Maybe he will be continent, or not. He might be confused and he might ramble. He might talk a lot about dying. He might not sleep at all. These are NOT the good times. This might last for half a day or many days. We can't predict.
And then we start the climb back up to the top....chug, chug, chug. We hold on tight to the safety bar. We don't want to fall out when we are whizzing all the way to the bottom or taking the sharp twists and turns. We scream, we laugh, we cry. But we are hanging on tight!

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  1. You're both in my thoughts. <3

    I think the roller coaster analogy...very fitting.

  2. God bless you lady.... I shudder to think what an incoherent rambler I already AM.... let alone when I'm knockin on the door... you have just got to have a heart of gold... and patience of ... no one I've ever known.

    1. I don't know that I have all that much patience! But he is my soul mate!

  3. Amen! There is no other challenge more great than the roller coaster caregiver journey.


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